Monkey Business: Two Monkeys STOLEN In The Latest Suspicious Event At The Dallas Zoo

By Ryan Canady | Thursday, 02 February 2023 14:10
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Police report that two monkeys were stolen from the Dallas Zoo in the latest suspicious event at the zoo.

The New York Post reports that other incidents at the zoo lately have raised eyebrows as well. They noted that some fences in the zoo were cut and that there was a suspicious death of an endangered vulture in recent times.

Dallas Police say someone cut a hole in the wiring that helped contain the emperor tamarin monkeys in the zoo. They then took two of those monkeys for themselves. No arrests have yet been made for any of these incidents, and police did not say if they believe that the incidents are linked or not.

The zoo put out a statement that stated the following: “It was clear the habitat had been intentionally compromised.”

This was followed by an incident on January 13th when the zoo had to be closed after a clouded leopard named Nova went missing from the zoo. The leopard was found near her habitat, but police say a hole was cut in the enclosure where the leopard resided. This is yet another odd incident that occurred at the zoo.


An endangered vulture named Pin was found dead on January 21st, and the zoo stated that the death did not appear natural. According to the New York Post, Zoo President and CEO Gregg Hudson stated that the animal had a wound.

Ed Hansen, chief executive of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, said that he could not recall any similar incidents occurring with such regularity, which leads him to think that something suspicious was happening.

Hansen said: “It appears that somebody really has an issue with the Dallas Zoo.”

The zoo has added extra cameras in response to this incident, and they have also increased the number of overnight security patrols around the city.