Welcome To 2023: Young Georgia Cop Resigns After Backlash Over Traditional Religious Values

By Vickie Ferguson | Wednesday, 01 February 2023 08:35
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One former police officer says it is a ‘dangerous precedent’ after resigning for posting his personal beliefs regarding gay marriage.

Fox News reports that Jacob Kersey, a 19-year-old former police officer in Georgia, felt forced into resigning after concerns about his ‘objectivity’ surfaced.

Kersey was under investigation for posting on social media that “there’s no such thing” as gay marriage. After being told it was possible he could be fired for voicing his personal beliefs, Kersey said he felt pressured to resign.

In the post, Kersey wrote, “God designed marriage.” He continued saying that marriage “refers to Christ and the church. That’s why there’s no such thing as homosexual marriage.”

Major Bradwick Sherod wrote a letter to Kersey explaining the department’s investigation into his social media post. Sherod explained that they “did not find sufficient evidence to establish a violation of any policies” and that the posts “could raise reasonable concerns regarding your objectivity and the performance of your job duties when a member or suspected member of the LGBTQ community is involved.”


The letter goes on to state Kersey could be terminated if “any post on any of your social media platforms, or any other statement or action, renders you unable to perform, and to be seen as able to perform your job in a fair and equitable manner, you could [be] terminated.”

Kersey stated, “I did nothing wrong, and they told me that.” “That’s the reason they did not fire me. They wanted me to come back to work, but they were trying to create a new department policy that would prevent me from saying anything that someone somewhere could consider offensive.”


Sherod told Kersey he could post direct quotes from Scripture but could not post his interpretation of those quotes. Kersey said, “That is such a dangerous precedent, that if you’re off-duty on your own time, that you could say anything - even something religious, even something at church - if someone somewhere gets offended, you can get fired for it.”

Kersey further explained, “I didn’t feel confident that if I were to go out [there] on the streets and enforce the law, [that] my command staff was going to have my back.” “It’s just too dangerous of a job to do that. And I did not think it wise to go back to work under those circumstances.”

Kersey has spoken with a law firm about the possibility of taking legal action.