Meet The Press Debate Reveals MAJOR Double Standard In Classified Doc Debacle

Written By BlabberBuzz | Monday, 30 January 2023 21:45
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On NBC's Meet the Press on January 29, 2023, Chuck Todd and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) engaged in a heated exchange over what Jordan referred to as a "double standard" in the recent documents debacle.

The documents in question pertained to the FBI's raid on the offices of Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in April 2018. Critics of the raid, including Jordan, have argued that it was politically motivated and part of a larger effort to undermine the Trump administration.

Todd pushed back against these claims, stating that the raid was carried out as part of a legitimate investigation into campaign finance violations. He also pointed out that similar raids have been conducted in the past under both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Jordan was having none of it, arguing that the double standard was evident in the fact that the FBI had not taken similar actions against the Biden administration. He pointed to the recent revelations about Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings as evidence of this.


"Where's the FBI on this?" Jordan asked, referring to the Biden controversy. "They went after Michael Cohen, they went after [Paul] Manafort, they went after [Roger] Stone, but where are they on this?"

Todd retorted that the Biden investigation was being handled by the Department of Justice, not the FBI. He also pointed out that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the Biden family.


Despite Todd's protests, Jordan doubled down on his claims of a double standard, arguing that the FBI's actions during the Trump era represented a clear example of politically motivated law enforcement.

"It's not just the FBI," Jordan said. "It's the entire deep state. They were out to get President Trump and his associates, and they did everything they could to undermine his administration."

The exchange between Todd and Jordan highlighted the deep political divisions that continue to exist in the United States, even two years after the end of the Trump administration. It also underscored the growing sense of mistrust that many on the right have towards the FBI and other government institutions.