Feeling The Loss: Brother Of Tyre Nichols Says He Hopes Cops Involved "Die"

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 31 January 2023 14:10
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As the world remains devastated by the actions of police officers, the brother of Tyre Nichols hopes all of the cops involved die.

According to Breitbart, “‘You want my truth?… I hope they die,’ said Jamal Dupree, a Sacramento resident, according to reports.”.

The officers were Demetrius Haley, Tadarrius Bean, Emmitt Martin III, Justin Smith, and Demond Mills Jr. Dupree’s statement came after the announcement that they would be pressing charges against the officers.

They were already taken into custody and were indicted last Thursday. The officers involved in the incident face several charges, including second-degree murder. However, Dupree says that’s enough.

Breitbart states, “‘It doesn’t mean anything until they’re found guilty for the actual charges. There’s a good chance they can walk free from this,’ Dupree said, his comments coming just before Memphis police released the body camera footage of the incident on Friday.”


The body camera footage is hard to watch as it gets more aggressive. First, they tell him to get on the ground, to which he complies. Officers use a taser on him when he attempts to run away. They are seen kicking him and causing the injuries that ultimately resulted in his death.

During the entire situation, officers do not attempt to de-escalate the situation a single time. The fact that no one tried to calm down the situation leads to many people calling this a training issue. However, a previous officer says it’s not a training issue.

These guys are just bad. Per Breitbart, “During a recent interview on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, FNC host and former police officer Dan Bongino said Nichols’ death was not a training issue but ’a personnel issue. These guys are just bad.’” There’s nothing okay about this situation. Thankfully, justice is being served, and they will stand in front of a judge for their horrible crimes.