Protecting Real Science: Utah Governor Takes BIG STEP Towards Combatting The Mutilation Movement

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 31 January 2023 05:15
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While blue states advocate for gender treatment for toddlers and mutilating children, red states take significant steps in the other direction.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox just signed bills banning gender-affirming care for minors and making it easier for families to get scholarships so that children can attend private schools. Both are significant steps in combatting the current movement to mutilate children we see throughout the nation.

The Washington Times reports, “Utah’s measure prohibits transgender surgery for youth and disallows hormone treatments for minors who have not yet been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The state’s Republican-dominated Legislature prioritized the ban and considered a first draft of the measure less than 10 days ago, two days after the Legislature opened this year’s session on January 17.”

Cox stated that it’s essential to stop the treatments for now and to wait until we understand more about the long-term consequences of gender-affirming treatments on our young people.

Utah is one of over 15 states taking steps to fight the movement mutilating our children. However, only some agree with this step. The ACLU of Utah encouraged Cox to veto the bill as soon as it landed on his desk.


They say the legislation will have a catastrophic impact on people’s lives. Then, the civil rights organization stated the bill would violate people’s constitutional rights.

Republicans who back the bill in Utah said it’s necessary at this point. This battle has been a tipping point for many red and blue states as Republicans favor no treatment of minors until it is scientifically effective. Blue states have taken things to the extreme on the opposite end of the spectrum, with some attempting to seize custody of children if parents disagree with their gender identity.