Just A Simple Fact: Energy Department Silently ADMITS The Benefits Of This...

By Ryan Canady | Wednesday, 25 January 2023 05:15
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President Biden’s Energy Department has quietly released a report about the benefits that the Keystone XL pipeline could have provided.

Breitbart says that the report says the Keystone XL pipeline would have provided thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity. The fact that the President revoked the permit to build that pipeline means all potential gains have now been lost.

The report is titled Keystone XL Extension Permit Revocation: Energy Costs and Job Impacts. It zeroed in on how many positives could have been enjoyed if President Biden hadn’t taken the permits for the pipeline away just hours after he was sworn in as President. The cancelation of the permit brought a lot of criticism from people from all walks of life at the time, but President Biden continued forward with his plan to cancel it regardless.

Breitbart notes that the Energy Department’s report shows the Keystone XL pipeline could have created between 16,149 and 59,468 jobs yearly for two years. Further, the economic activity that could have been enjoyed after its installation would include a positive economic output of between $3.4 and $9.6 billion throughout the project’s lifetime.


The Energy Department was required by law to put out this report after President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in November 2021. This was after Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), and Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) added an amendment to the legislation that made it a legal requirement for the Energy Department to put out this report.


Fox News pointed out that the report should have been produced within 90 days of the passage of the legislation, but it ultimately took more than a year to create this report.

A spokesperson from the Energy Department spoke with Fox News Digital and said the following: “The U.S. Department of Energy released a report evaluating existing analysis on economic and job effects of the XL portion of Keystone pipeline,” and “It concluded there were limited job impacts, with approximately 50 permanent jobs estimated to have been created were the pipeline operational.”

When President Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone Pipeline, the project was said to already be over halfway completed. It’s believed that the project would have been completed by 2022 and operationalized by 2023. On top of that, it would have delivered 830,000 barrels of oil from Canada to the U.S. However, none of that happened because Biden revoked the permit.