An American Hero: This Country Star Wins Lawsuit After Venue Wanted Him To Discriminate Against His OWN Fans

By Ryan Canady | Sunday, 22 January 2023 12:00
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Country star John Rich recently won a legal battle that he is quite proud to have won.

The Blaze News reports that John Rich won a legal battle against a venue attempting to force him to require his fans to get a COVID-19 vaccine passport to attend his shows. However, after fighting it out in court, Rich won the case, a victory that won't require him to discriminate against his fans.

Blaze News reports that the country star refused to play at venues that wanted to force his fans to show papers before they could get in. He said this was like bending the knee to the will of those who insist on vaccinations — he wasn't going to do that. Instead, he was ready to fight back for the rights of his fans and to help them get the entertainment value they wanted out of his show without having to conform to some liberal ideology related to the vaccine.

Rich tweeted the following: "During the lockdowns, I stated I'd NEVER play a concert venue that forced fans to show their 'papers' for entry concerning Covid,"

He also said: "One venue added that rule after I agreed to play, so I canceled it. The promoter sued me. He LOST the case today! Happy to say I never bent the knee,"


Many fans responded positively to what he said. So many were pleased that Rich decided to take a stand to help his fans get into the show without conforming to some kind of societal idea.

At least one fan was allegedly unhappy about this victory for Rich. That user said: "I won't be attending any of your concerts anytime soon. With that attitude, the likely attendees are going to be a concentrated group of anti-vaxxers,"

However, John Rich replied cheekily to that fan by saying that it was fine with him if they did not attend his shows.

John Rich has never shied away from discussing the major controversial topics of the day. He has often stated his opinions about these matters, and he goes out of his way to ensure his fans know where he stands. It's hard to believe that some fans are surprised he's fighting for their rights.