No Shame For The Corrupt: Liberal Mayor Brushes Off Affair Allegations As SEXIST

By Ryan Canady | Sunday, 22 January 2023 20:30
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According to Fox News, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is going after claims that she has been having an affair by saying that those claims are baseless and even sexist. reported that Cantrell texted one of their reporters to fight back against the allegations that she had been having an affair. She described the allegations as false and went on to say the following:

“By the time I complete my tenure as mayor I would have slept with half of the City of New Orleans based on false accusations that come my way sometimes daily.”

In a follow-up text, Cantrell allegedly told the reporter: “If I were a MAN you would NOT be texting me about this bull---t.”

Fox News Digital reached out for comment from both and Cantrell’s office but did not receive any reply.

This isn’t the only controversy that has swirled around Cantrell’s office. She also had a situation when New Orleans Police Department Officer Jeffrey Vappie was removed from her security detail after an investigation was opened about some irregularities regarding his pay. Investigators found long periods logged on his timesheet on days when he was scheduled not to be working at all. Additionally, they found long hours scheduled on days when Cantrell had little on his official schedule.


Vappie’s wife has filed a divorce petition claiming that her husband had an extramarital affair with “Mrs. L.C..” Vappie’s wife filed the petition for divorce after it was discovered that Jeffrey Vappie and Mayor Cantrell spent many hours together in a city-owned apartment. WVUE-TV and WDSU-TV have independently verified that Mrs. L.C. referenced in these documents, is indeed the mayor of New Orleans.


The divorce papers list ten specific dates Vappie and Mrs. L.C. are said to have engaged in a sexual affair. Vappie’s wife insisted that the relationship between her husband and the Mayor began in May 2022 and continues to the present.

This scandal is coming on top of other situations, with the mayor under a lot of pressure now. She hasn’t backed down from any aspect of it so far. She is already facing a recall election, which will only add fuel to the fire as far as her ability to overcome it all and potentially try to hold on to her current job. However, there is little evidence that she will give up this job without a fight.