The Drama Isn't Over: Ex-Cop Involved In George Floyd Incident Files For Appeal

By Jean Robor | Saturday, 21 January 2023 15:00
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An attorney for ex-police officer Derek Chauvin who made headlines in the murder case of George Floyd, says his client did not get a fair trial.

Attorney William Mohrman noted that procedural and legal errors prevented Chauvin’s right to a fair trial. On May 25, 2020, George Floyd died after then-police officer Chauvin pinned him down for 9 ½ minutes with a knee to his neck during an attempt to arrest him.

The alleged suspect had resisted multiple officers’ commands before being pinned. Videos of the incident sparked a wave of national riots and protests. The former officer was convicted by a jury of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter and sentenced to 22 ½ years by Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill.

Chauvin later pled guilty to a federal civil rights charge and is serving his 21-year federal sentence concurrently in a federal Arizona prison with his state sentence. According to News Nation Now, Mohrman said:.

“The primary issue on this appeal is whether a criminal defendant can get a fair trial consistent with constitutional requirements in a courthouse surrounded by concrete block, barbed wire, two armored personnel carriers, and a squad of National Guard troops.”


These measures had one sole purpose: in case the jury acquits the defendant.

Mohrman indicated to a Minnesota Court of Appeals panel of three judges that the trial judge should have held Chauvin’s trial outside Minneapolis. He cited extensive security precautions and publicity as there was a fear of protests and unrest. According to Fox News, he also noted the $27 million settlement paid to Floyd’s family by the state and other factors as justification for moving the trial.


A Special State Attorney, Neal Katyal, feels differently. According to the Daily Wire, he said the convicted ex-cop’s trial was “one of the most transparent and thorough…in our nation’s history.” He told NPR, “The evidence of Chauvin’s guilt [was] captured on video for the world to see.”

Another dispute in the appeal noted whether it was expedient for Cahill to sentence Chauvin beyond the state’s sentencing recommended guideline, which was 12 ½ years.

The Daily Wire reported that NPR said Mohrman stated, “Our primary argument here is that this case [could not be] tried in Minneapolis because of the pretrial publicity which was pervasive…and also just the physical pressure on the courthouse.”

While the court barred Chauvin from appealing his federal charges, he is allowed to appeal the Minnesota state charges.