Sounds Sustainable: EV Owner Told They Will Have To HOW LONG For A New Battery?

By Ryan Canady | Monday, 16 January 2023 05:15
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One electric vehicle owner in Alaska is experiencing a rude awakening after learning that she will need to wait up to four years to receive a replacement battery for her vehicle.

The Western Journal reports that Patricia Atkinson, the owner of a Chevy Bolt, received the shocking news that she would need to wait up to four years to get the replacement battery she needs for her vehicle. She lives in Sitka, which is in Southeast Alaska.

The town is so remote in Alaska that no charging stations are available to her. She purchased her vehicle from a dealer in Seattle, Washington. However, the remote nature of where she lives has made transportation much more difficult for her based on the vehicle selection that she made at the time.

Sadly for Atkinson, she was recently informed that her Chevy Bolt was part of a recall due to the danger of the battery potentially catching on fire. This recall has impacted roughly 140,000 Chevy Bolts.

It would be bad enough to deal with the recall, but Atkinson learned just how long she might have to wait. The fact is that Sitka is a remote island in Alaska. It's 12 hours from the mainland by boat, and that boat only comes to the area once per month, according to Inside EVs. That makes everything in life very challenging for people in this area.


In this case, the car dealership nearest her that could help out says Patricia's misfortunes are not their fault. They say the manufacturer only allows for eight battery pack swaps per month, and there are currently hundreds of people waiting for the swap they need. Thus, Atkinson is far down the list for getting the battery swap she needs.

She must now decide if she will take the risk of driving the car with the fire hazard it poses, or she will simply store the car for the next four years and not have access. Those are the kind of choices that few people can honestly afford to make.

Most of us need constant access to our vehicles, which is why many continue questioning the intelligence of using electric vehicles, particularly when one lives in a very remote area without access to the resources one needs. It is a glaring problem with ownership of this kind of vehicle.