How Ironic: Biden Poses In Photo-Op With Border Wall In Background (Video)

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 11 January 2023 22:45
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President Joe Biden stopped the wall at the Southern border after taking office instead of completing the project.

Not only has he prevented it from being finished, but he’s also continued to tout that the border is secure in the midst of the worst immigration crisis the United States has seen. Now, for the first time in his Presidency, he’s visited the southern border.

Ironically, photos were taken of him walking along the wall that Trump ordered to be built. Per The Hill, “Biden walked along a portion of the border wall with the city of Juárez, Mexico, on the other side. The rust-colored wall along the dirt path Biden walked was about 18 feet high.”

However, Biden has yet to address Governor Greg Abbott’s letter. It details how his visit is too late. During his visit, President Biden did stop by the Bridge of Americas Airport, one of the busiest entry ports in the country.

Per The Hill, “The officers showed Biden their operations at the border, including how a yellow lab could find a suitcase in a trunk and a chocolate lab could find a package in the backseat of a truck. Officers also showed the President a handheld scanning device and a U-shaped scanner that moved around an 18-wheeler truck to show the capability to scan inside for people being smuggled.”


The officers at the port of entry went on to show him tools that can also detect drugs in a car.

As Biden stood by the wall for a photo-op, there were zero illegal immigrants on site. As reported by Breitbart, the location is one of the most secure at the border. Biden also made sure to visit a legal port of entry.

How about seeing the reality of border patrol agents chasing down illegal immigrants even though there are so many they can’t catch them as they run across the border? It’s another staged visit from the White House and one more thing they’ll use to make the border look secure instead of addressing reality.