Very Suspicious: FTX Conman Bankman-Fried Visited White House FOUR TIMES Before His Arrest

Written By BlabberBuzz | Monday, 02 January 2023 21:45
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Sam Bankman-Fried is the conman that made headline after headline in 2022 for his fraudulent company.

As he continues to make headlines, we learn more and more about him. For example, we now know about his visits to the White House before his company imploded.

The Daily Wire reports, “The digital asset exchange filed for bankruptcy after users learned that the company was intertwined with sister firm Alameda Research; both were controlled by Bankman-Fried and other young business leaders working from a luxury penthouse in the Bahamas. Authorities recently detained the entrepreneur in the island nation, where his companies were headquartered and extradited him to the United States. He faces several fraud charges that could place him behind bars for 115 years.”

According to White House logs, the scam artist made quite a few trips to the White House to visit specific people before his arrest.

Per The Daily Wire, “The disgraced entrepreneur met with Steve Richetti, the former chairman of the Biden presidential campaign and a current senior adviser to the commander-in-chief, on September 8. The other meetings, which have already been reported, include two other rendezvous with Ricchetti on April 22 and May 12, as well as a meeting with Bruce Reed, the administration’s deputy chief of staff. Both officials previously served as chief of staff to Biden when he served as Vice President under former President Barack Obama.”


While many say that he has a right to visit the White House as the second largest donor to the Biden Presidential campaign, the timing of his visits raises quite a few eyebrows. One official leaked that the discussions at the White House where he was joined by his brother Gabriel, involved a few things, including the pandemic and cryptocurrency.

It’s no surprise that the shady conman that schemed hard-working Americans out of millions of dollars was close with the Biden administration. They both love taking American money and don’t seem to care.