That's Fitnessphobic: Online Influencer ROASTED For Saying "Hitting The Gym" Is Fatphobia

By Joshua Wasson | Sunday, 01 January 2023 19:25
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A TikTok user is stepping on dangerous ground as she claims that people going to the gym are afraid of getting fat.

The user goes by the name “Anti Diet BFF,” and she is less than thrilled to step into a gym.

According to Fox News, the mouthy influencer also stated, “Wanting to work out doesn’t make anyone fatphobic, but the motivations for why you want to go to the gym do.”

The insanity of some people and how they try, and brand people are right up there with bullying. She is trying to shame people for wanting to stay fit and in good shape.

She tried to justify her statement by listing several reasons people go to the gym. She stated, “Are you going to the gym to get a flat stomach, or are you going to the gym so you can build a more stable core and have better posture? Are you motivated to go to the gym [so you can] lose weight, or are you focused on increasing muscle and bone density? Do you only consider a workout good if you feel sore or tired the next day, or do you look to feel energized and awake after working out?”


The TikTok star appeared to sound more like a workout commercial than someone questioning the real reasons why people go to the gym. The woman may not like going to the gym, but that does not give her the right to bully others and make them feel ashamed for wanting to take care of themselves.

Some fear that TikTok is just a platform for people to attack others. It allows people with complexes to hide behind the TikTok banner and make fun of others who have a life and want to make something out of it rather than looking at a screen all day.