Hands Off Our Puppies: Radical Climate Activists Want To Reduce Number Of Pets To Help The "Crisis"

By Ryan Canady | Monday, 28 November 2022 10:25
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The Daily Caller reports that the latest target of climate extremists might be the dog sitting on the couch next to you as you read this.

A recent CNN opinion column offered that reducing the number of household pets might be a viable solution to the climate crisis.

Plenty of people from older generations remember when real threats such as nuclear war made the headlines every day. We were also told that scary threats, such as acid rain, would damage our ecosystems forever. When some of this failed to materialize, the eco-extremists decided to move on to other tactics.

Lately, they have been pushing forward the narrative that the ozone layer is at risk and that we must give up our way of life to improve things.

Still, before now, even the biggest doom-and-gloom people in the movement didn't go as far as to say that they were coming for your dog. They want to see a reduction in the number of pets to reduce the carbon footprint that pets leave behind. That is starting to happen now!


Plenty of scientists receive funding from organizations that are self-interested in keeping people scared, and they are often pushing out the latest scare tactics to keep people on edge. This is happening again as some of their fear tactics begin to wane.

A few years ago, cow flatulence was a hot topic in the eco-movement. Now, you don't hear about that as much as you once did. However, they move their target to something else. They now want to go after the dog sitting next to you.


How is it that we allow these people to have as much power as they do to make decisions about what kind of policies get passed in our government?

The idea that any of us should give up our pets to the alter of environmental extremists is more than most of us can take. We don't like that people would gladly throw our pets under the bus if they feel it might serve their agenda. However, that is where we are with the movement now, which is upsetting to many.

If you want to find yourself scared about everything related to the environment, listen to the latest reports from the eco-movement. However, if you are comfortable with living your life how you have before, then ignore all of their noise.