Following The Agenda: NHL Faces MAJOR Backlash After Moronic Tweet (See It)

Written By BlabberBuzz | Monday, 28 November 2022 01:15
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The National Hockey League is the latest to support leftist gender ideology.

After a tweet stating that trans-women are women, the NHL faced massive backlash. You don’t want to miss this.

The NHL tweeted, “The NHL is proud to support this past weekend’s Team Trans Draft Tournament in Middleton, Wisconsin. This was the first tournament comprised entirely of transgender and nonbinary players, with around 80 folks participating! #HockeyIsForEveryone #NHLPride.”

To be clear, transgender women are biological men that identify as women. Many say they are women, even though they have men biological and physical advantages.

However, one Daily Wire editor noted that as well. According to Breitbart, “‘Amazing to watch sports leagues that rely on the extraordinary performance by biological men (as well as the viewership of disproportionately male audiences) parrot the idiotic anti-biological garbage of the woke coterie,’ tweeted conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, the editor emeritus of the Daily Wire. ‘If this is true, why aren’t any trans men in the NHL? They’re real men, after all. Must be terrible and vicious discrimination,’ he added.”


Matt Walsh also had a comment to make about the tweet. Breitbart says, “‘The NHL becomes the latest organization to debase itself for the sake of pandering to people who aren’t their customers and never will be,’ conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire tweeted.”

Other tweets point out that the sport should no longer be divided into men’s and women’s hockey because the NHL claims there is no difference, that the tweet is ridiculous, that the NHL turned off comments, and more.

Some took the time to support the NHL’s commitment to the transgender community. However, you can’t help but notice how no single woman identifies as a man competing in almost any sport.