Watch This: AOC Is In BIG Trouble As Lifelong Democrat Urges Hispanics To Switch Sides

By Joshua Wasson | Sunday, 06 November 2022 02:01
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has finally opened her mouth one too many times, and now she is facing a migration of people away from supporting her.

Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr. has voiced his disdain for AOC and Kathy Hochul, and now he is telling everyone to vote for their competition.

Diaz used to serve on the city council of New York City. He is one of many Democrats jumping ship and leaving the socialists to drown in their scum. Fox News reported Diaz saying, “She lost me a long time ago when she opposed the 25,000 jobs that Amazon wanted to bring to New York. [Progressives] were releasing criminals into the street, favoring the open borders, and allowing all kinds of people to come through the borders without checking. She opposes the police officers in the subways….”

AOC and her affiliates’ list of crimes committed has caused Diaz and others to support the Republican Party. They have realized that the liberals in the House no longer represent the values that define what America is about.

Fox News reported that Diaz is the president of New York’s Hispanic Clergy Organization. He also mentioned, “The Hispanic community — I’m a Hispanic — we are turning. We are turning, and we are fed up. We are asking everyone to vote for Tina Forte… even though I am a Hispanic, I am asking the Hispanic community, my parishioners, my fellow ministers to vote for Tina Forte…”


The Hispanic community is looking to the Republicans this election because the Democrats have proven that they want to turn America into the next Cuba. A place where evil reigns supreme and the liberals sit on the throne.

The people who migrated from communist-controlled areas did not want to return to that kind of life. And they are willing to vote conservatively to stay free.