Victory Is Around The Corner: Lee Zeldin Has HUGE Momentum Going, Takes Lead On Liberal Lunatic Hochul

By Ryan Canady | Friday, 04 November 2022 01:15
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Significantly few people would have predicted that the Governor's race in New York would be tight in this cycle.

Democrats have been dominated in the state for decades, but that might be about to change.

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin is the GOP candidate for Governor of New York and has now taken the lead in a Trafalgar poll. This is a big moment for the candidate, as it has been challenging for any Republican to gain traction in New York for a long time. The fact that Zeldin has found a way to do so speaks volumes about who he is as a candidate and what people think about the state of the country right now.

The poll surveyed 1,198 likely general election voters in New York. In that sample, 48.4 percent said they would vote for Zeldin, and 47.6 percent said they would vote for Hochul. There is a 2.9 margin of error on this poll. Thus, the race is virtually tied between the two candidates when that is accounted for. Still, it is a significant development for the Republicans, which is a good sign that the GOP position throughout the country might be more substantial than some had anticipated.


To get a representative sample of New York, 53.6% of respondents identify as Democrats, 27.5% as Republicans, and 18.9% as Independents. This was done to factor in many Democrats in New York state. Still, even with that in mind, more people in the survey wanted Zeldin than Hochul. That is exciting news for all Republicans, and it should boost some spirits regarding what these midterm elections may hold.

The general election for Governor of New York will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.