Commie Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau Wants The Government To Control The Internet

By Joshua Wasson | Wednesday, 02 November 2022 12:00
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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a communist at heart as he continues his attacks on freedom.

His attack on freedom has led to the country becoming similar to Cuba and other communist nations. Trudeau and the Liberal Party are all set to bring about the final law that will change Canada forever.

The Gateway Pundit reported, “The bill, known as the Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11), would require major international technology companies that conduct business in Canada to subsidize local Canadian content. Viewers would essentially be forced to view material online promoted by Big Brother regardless of their personal desires. Conservatives who want to view a Fox News video on YouTube, for example, also might have to view content by the far-left Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).”

The bill forces all Canadians to listen to and accept broadcasting promoted by the government. Communist China does the same thing as they monitor all broadcasts and force their citizens to listen to the indoctrination of the communist ideology.


Conservative news sources will have difficulty getting their messages across since the government will have the power to stop reports and broadcasts that tell the truth about what is happening in Canada.

The Gateway Pundit reported, “There is absolutely no difference between what the Liberals are proposing with C-11 and what communist nations such as Cuba and Venezuela have already done to silence the opposition. One could even argue Trudeau drew inspiration from Castro’s tyrannical regime and thought Canada would perform better as a leftist dictatorship. He has shown his red colors time and again.”

Freedom is just about an extinct reality in Canada. The people that voted for the communist Prime Minister are getting what they asked for. And they will only realize their mistake when it is too late to do anything about it.