Radical Progressive DA Of Philly Gets A Wake Call As GOP Makes This Major Move...

By Joshua Wasson | Sunday, 30 October 2022 02:15
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The Republican-run House in Pennsylvania has decided that it’s going to try and remove the Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner from his office.

They believe that his approach to crime has led to record levels of people committing violent crimes.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that “Republican representatives, led by Rep. Martina White, filed articles of impeachment against the progressive prosecutor Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported. A bipartisan majority of the state House tasked the House Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order to investigate the causes and solutions to Philadelphia’s historic crime surge. State representative Torren Ecker (R.), a member of the committee, argued impeaching Krasner was a necessary step.”

Murderers are finding their way to freedom because of how soft Krasner is on crime. The city has seen 562 murders in one year alone. And there have been 438 in 2022.

Ecker stated, “From the beginning of this process, we have heard devastating stories from victims of crime, businesses who are closing because they do not feel safe, and victims who a district attorney’s office has revictimized unwillingly to help them when they would rather help criminals. That is misbehavior in office, for which [Krasner] should be impeached.”


The Republican Party is concerned about the innocent people living in fear because of how crime rates have shot up. State lawmakers are taking action to protect the people that make up the population of one of the state’s largest cities.

The Republicans need a majority vote to remove Krasner from office. The Washington Free Beacon reported that the House majority leader Kerry Benninghoff stated, “We must do something to free the people of Philadelphia from the crime and violence crisis that has destroyed lives and property and made Philadelphians prisoners of fear.”