United We Stand: Michigan Rep. Nominee Promotes The MAGA Movement For "All Americans"

By Ryan Canady | Wednesday, 05 October 2022 09:30
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Kristina Karamo, the Republican nominee for secretary of state in Michigan, took the stage with former President Trump to say that the MAGA movement will help unite Americans across all demographics.

These words are what she said at the Save America rally held in Michigan.

President Trump endorsed Karamo and stated, “she is so strong on crime, including the massive crime of election fraud,” according to reporting by Breitbart.

During the 2020 election, Karamo was among many poll challengers who claimed to have seen several irregularities at the polls. She pointed to the Biden Administration’s position to file a lawsuit against the state of Arizona and its requirement to have all voters show a government identification to vote.

Karamo says they have deemed a conspiracy theorist if anyone dares to point out the obvious about election fraud. She says that names are being added to voter rolls illegally.


She also went after her opponent Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, for standing against the requirement for voter identification to be presented at the polls to vote.

Karamo says that the Secretary of State has complained that it could be difficult for some people to obtain the identification card they need to vote. However, she also noted that it is the job of the secretary of state to make it easier to get identification cards in the first place. Both of those things are true, and the audience must know that.

Karamo has also criticized Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan and his comments about needing to “kill and confront” the MAGA movement. She says that the MAGA movement will bring together Americans of all demographics across the board. She called for those in attendance to get out and vote. She says that if Republicans have a sweeping victory in November, they can take out the people in Lansing that are running things right now.