Terror Scare In NY: Explosion And Fire Reveal Elaborate Bomb Making Lab In Queens Home Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | September 16, 2020 08:56 AM

A Queens man Marak Squires, 37, has been charged after bomb-making materials, and a number of manuals and books about the matter was discovered inside his house just hours after the building caught fire.

The man was taken to the hospital from the two-story building 19th Street in Astoria where he lives, after the fire started.

Though Police described Squires as a mentally ill man, who was filmed being taken into custody without a shirt on, a 'distraught individual', who was taken to hospital because of his 'emotional state'.

The items were discovered when fire officials and the owner of the building were inspecting the damage to the property, although no ‘assembled’ device was found at the house after searching.

Footage broadcast by Pix11 showed the shirtless man with burns on his hands being taken away after he greeted firefighters in an 'argumentative' manner.

John Miller, NYPD deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism claims that the chemicals found inside the home have the potential to make an explosive if combined: “The chemicals separately are what they are, but taken together they can assemble an explosive device”, Miller said. “There were books about military explosives, booby traps and other things.”

Mark Torre of the NYPD bomb squad described them as “precursor materials” that could be arranged to make a dangerous device.

The man is known to police after being arrested for previous acts of violence, according to Miller, but it is too early to say whether he could be linked to any organization.

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The owner of the home told Pix11 that the Fire Department pulled a black box into the front yard of the building as they had fought back the fire. The owner called the FBI finding powder, fuses and other suspicious materials inside.

Sources told the New York Post that wick cords, used for fuses, and possibly ammonium nitrate were in the crate.

A neighbor also suspecting of the man’s overall mental health told the Post that the man taken to hospital is a divorced father whose 'shades were always closed'.

'Upon further investigation by FDNY Marshals, there were materials found that included a number of chemicals, a number of packages, and a number of books and manuals that caused them to call NYPD for further investigation,' a statement said.

With all that being said, the investigation is not closed yet, and remains on going because there was no assembled device found, or other evidence good enough to indict the man.

Nearby buildings were evacuated on Tuesday and fire officials were on standby as the investigation continued. The NYPD asked citizens to avoid Astoria Park and the surrounding area to further investigate.


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