“Violence won’t end if Trump Wins”: After Denying Protests, Democrats Blackmailing Voters Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | September 01, 2020 04:32 AM

President Trump was accused by democrats for causing the violence many cities have been suffering from in a twist since they have supported the BLM protests that have turned into riots since June.

Democrats said he is inciting racial tensions and unrest to use them in favor of his campaign, as he praised supporters who gathered in Portland, Oregon, which resulted in the death of a man, shot by a rioter of the left. Trump said he will visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, a city gravely affected by the shooting of a Black man by the police.

Though Democrats have motivated the Radical Left to take flight, they are now pointing that, as ironic as it may sound, enraged protesters will not be calmed unless Trump leaves office, what could be seen also as a form of blackmailing voters. Biden himself implied it in a twit.

They are slamming Trump after his eulogy of the caravan of supporters that clashed with an angry mob of the opposite party, in Portland. In Twitter, the President wrote "Great Patriots!" and retweeted what is thought to be the name of the deceased man, adding "Rest In Peace."

Public security was the central issue for the campaigns of the November election. Trump anchors the "law and order" movement, while Biden accuses him of stirring up tensions. The US president "is irresponsibly encouraging violence," the Democratic nominee said in a statement on Sunday.

"He may believe that tweeting about law and order makes him strong, but his lack of ability to call on his followers to stop seeking conflict shows just how weak he is," Biden remarked, ignoring the fact that most protests are carried out by leftist warriors. The Democratic campaign team confirmed that Biden will deliver a speech this Monday, August 31 to answer what he presents as a question to voters: "Are you safe in the United States of Donald Trump?"

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Trump later retweeted some people's opinion on the city's Democratic administration, saying they are not capable of confronting the problems, and then he tweeted "The people of Portland, like all other cities & parts of our great Country, want Law & Order.”

Many cities have become a heart of lawlessness and violence, the President said, and some of his advisers consider an aggressive law and order message would be ideal to help their campaign, which is counting down the nine weeks left until Election Day.

Nevertheless, Democrats are now playing the card of executioners, claiming the Republican leader is thirsty for more protests to happen so that his campaign gains momentum.

The National Guard "could solve these problems in less than an hour," Trump said.

"[Democratic Mayor] Wheeler is incompetent, as is sleepyhead Joe Biden," Trump said. “This is not what our great country wants. They want security and not the police to be defunded.”

In Portland, "they continue to reject all kinds of government help to stop the acts of violence that have taken place for almost 90 days," Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told ABC.


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