Well well well, here we have yet another example of the left-wing agenda infiltrating our medical system. This skit shows a father and his son who thinks he's a girl, and of course, the doctor immediately shuts down any suggestion that the child might just want to be like his big sister. Because why bother with logic and reason when we can just blindly accept any statement a 10-year-old makes as gospel truth?

Apparently, according to this skit, if a child says they're a girl, then they're a girl. No questions asked. How absurd! Can't children be confused? Can't they be influenced by outside factors? Can't they be misguided by a society that is becoming increasingly obsessed with gender identity?

But no, let's just ignore all of that and throw out any semblance of common sense. Parents, don't tolerate this garbage from any doctor. We must stand up against this madness and protect our children from this indoctrination.