In a recent episode of the "Joe Rogan Experience," host Joe Rogan and guest Michael Malice were stunned by newly released footage of the January 6th Capitol insurrection. At the center of this infamous event was Jacob Chansley, a navy veteran from Arizona who became known as the "Q Shaman" for his outlandish costume and dangerous conspiracy theories.

Chansley was sentenced to nearly four years in prison, a punishment that some have questioned. However, newly reviewed internal surveillance video shows that Chansley's time inside the Capitol was far from a solo mission. In fact, the footage clearly shows Capitol police officers acting as Chansley's tour guides, taking him to multiple entrances and even attempting to open locked doors for him.

Despite being within touching distance of Chansley, not one of the officers tried to slow him down. Chansley even expressed gratitude for the officers in a prayer on the floor of the Senate.