Censored!! Watch The Newsmax-Trump Interview Google/YouTube Doesn't Want You To See

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 21 February 2021 05:45

YouTube removed a recently filmed interview with former President Donald Trump in Google’s most recent work against conservatives.

A Newsmax spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email that the company was told the Feb. 17 interview was taken down because it violated YouTube’s community policies.

A Google spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email: “We have clear Community Guidelines that govern what videos may stay on YouTube, and we enforce our Community Guidelines consistently, regardless of the speaker and without regard to political viewpoints.”

“In accordance with our presidential election integrity policy, we removed this video from the Newsmax TV channel,” the spokesperson added.

The collection of guidelines mentioned is projected at preventing spam, scams, and false practices, the California-based company says. Included is a policy fulfilled late last year. Google said in announcing the policy that it would remove “content that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.”

Trump during the Newsmax interview claimed he won the 2020 election.

Trump made similar claims in interviews with Fox News this week. Those remain on YouTube.

The former commander-in-chief also spoke with One America News. That network hasn’t uploaded videos for almost one month.

Newsmax later posted a video of host Greg Kelly, who interviewed Trump, summarizing and playing pieces of the interview. That video remains live.

YouTube increased operations against leading conservatives and others last year ahead of the presidential election, ramping up enforcement even more just before New Year.

YouTube in late 2020 blocked Trump campaign ads, claiming election fraud, and took down a statement one of his lawyers gave during a congressional hearing.

In January, YouTube removed content from Trump’s channel and banned it because the videos violated “policies for inciting violence,” a spokesperson told The Epoch Times.

YouTube later continued the suspension, which remains to this day. Also, Twitter and Facebook have banned Trump.

Trump has considered starting his own social media platform, telling Newsmax that “we’re negotiating with a number of people, and there’s also the other option of building your own site.”

Trump said he was considering moving to Parler, an upstart competitor to Twitter, but believed the newer platform couldn’t handle the traffic he’d bring.

Parler has kicked off Amazon’s servers last month but recently resurfaced after striking a deal with a new host.

Parler’s new CEO said recently that Trump is welcome on the website, just like anybody else.

“If Donald Trump wants to come here and participate in free speech, he would be welcome on the platform,” Mark Meckler said.

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