'He Just Lied To America': Hannity Blasts Biden For Making Promises But Not Planning To Keep Them

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 27 January 2021 16:30

Fox News' Sean Hannity announced Monday that he accurately predicted that President Biden's first week in office was going to be harmful.

Hannity told his listeners that socialism has been proven to be a disappointing approach to governing.

He blamed the media mob-- and 99% of journalists-- for being on a "sycophantic vacation" for not realizing and reporting the warning signs of Biden’s first executive actions. The host announced the president’s now 26 orders read like a "wish list" that carries the erasing of thousands of jobs upon closing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

"Biden’s radical agenda is literally taking thousands of American jobs, hurting American families, all while economic stress is the norm for way too many of our fellow Americans because of COVID and, of course, the subsequent, oppressive lockdowns," he said.

The overall theme focused on the assumption that President Biden is in essence the second coming of George Washington, who, according to popular lore, swore never to tell a lie. Reporters and theorists returned to this theme repeatedly with Biden, who famously dropped out of his first presidential run because of a plagiarism scandal.

Biden further claimed multiple times – including once throughout last year’s presidential campaign – to have been detained or jailed when he tried to see Nelson Mandela in South Africa at the height of Apartheid. After being fact-checked, Biden "clarified" his comments instead of apologizing, saying he was merely "stopped." The 78-year-old further told a Black audience in 2012 that then-GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney wanted to "put y'all back in chains," without any evidence, as many in the media chuckled over the outrageous comment.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are still making efforts to impeach former President Donald Trump for a second time even following his departure from office. Hannity said everyone knows the trial is already "dead on arrival," yet the president refuses to implement his message of unity by letting it go.

"If Biden really cared about unity, he could put a stop to the ‘Schiff Show’ right now," he said. "So much for that unity B.S. – words, no meaning – just, you know, smoke and mirrors."

Hannity foretold that cancelling culture will only worsen under Biden, describing it as an "embrace of authoritarianism, as the left continues to censor free speech over social media."

And even though Biden continuously criticized Trump for the severity of the coronavirus pandemic on the campaign trail, the new president is now confronted with the fact that the crisis is out of his control.

This week the administration extended Trump’s travel restrictions to stop the spread of the virus – the same limitations Biden called fear-mongering and "xenophobic" almost one year ago.

"Well, I guess that makes Joe Biden xenophobic and a fear-monger," Hannity said.

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