Sidney Powell Says This Is Happening As Proof Of 'Something Wrong' Becoming Clear

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 01 December 2020 13:25

Sidney Powell claimed witnesses involved in her 2020 election legal trials are being threatened and one was even injured.

The attorney, who insists that she has proof of a large voter fraud scheme involving machines that shifted the race in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, spoke to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday about some of the challenges she is facing.

“The scheme and artifice to defraud was for the purpose of illegally and fraudulently manipulating the vote count to make certain the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States,” the 104-page lawsuit filing she registered said.

The lawsuit argues there is no adequate remedy under the law and seeks to have the state’s results of both the 2020 presidential and congressional elections set aside. Biden beat President Trump by 12,670 votes, or 0.25%, according to results that were certified by the State of Georgia on Friday.

She said some people, including those who have government roles, are powerless to come forward "without certain protections in place." Powell called on the government to give such protections.

Powell added that potential witnesses are at risk of losing their jobs and their "lives have been threatened." Powell also said that one witness has been "beaten up and is in the hospital."

“There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward, to tell the truth," Powell claimed. "And no, Democrats don’t like whistleblowers, they only like liars who claim they’re whistleblowers.”

State officials and voting machine companies have constantly rejected Powell's assertion that there being a vote-meddling plot in places such as Georgia.

President Trump's legal team distanced itself from Powell this month after a press conference in which she said that voting machines switched ballots meant for Trump to vote for Biden.

Powell also worked as an attorney for resigned Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump's first national security adviser who received a presidential pardon last week in his case involving a guilty plea to twisting to the FBI about his contacts with a Russian envoy.

Georgia purchased Dominion voting machines and software in July 2019. At the time, state Democrats, led by former gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams, claimed the machines were receptive to meddling. The State of Texas a year earlier rejected the system due to its vulnerability to undetected manipulation.

A Dominion spokesperson earlier this week told Fox News that Powell’s claims are without merit.

Reported weak-spots in the Smartmatics system include barcodes that can override votes and machines with the capability of being connected to the internet without authorities knowing, the lawsuit asserts.

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