Watch: The GOP's Answer To AOC - Firebrand New York Rep Rips Biden Immigration Policy

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 27 November 2020 16:30

President-elect Joe Biden has been crushed for stating that performing an amnesty bill for people living in the country illegally would be a top priority when he takes office, rather than centering the COVID pandemic.

'I am going to make a commitment in the first 100 days, I will send a immigration bill to the United States Senate with a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people in America,' Biden stated.

Newly-elected congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, a Staten Island Republican, shattered the announcement.

'It is disheartening that this is his focus. It's not providing relief to the millions of American that are struggling right now, during this pandemic,' said Malliotakis, who replaced incumbent Democratic Rep. Max Rose in the district serving Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn.

'It's not ensuring that we help those small businesses that are hanging on by a thread due to government restrictions and mandated shutdowns. It's not how are we going to get this vaccine distributed to our front-line workers and our most vulnerable across the states,' she continued.

'It is actually a policy that would help the citizens of other countries and not Americans. And it's very sad that he wants to dismantle the policies put in place by President Trump that have been effective in stemming the tide of illegal immigration,' said Malliotakis.

Malliotakis criticized Biden for other previous remarks he has made, indicating he wants to suspend deportations and stop any work on the southern border wall. 'He is going to get a fight from the Republicans in Congress, who are very much pleased with the progress we've made under President Trump and don't want to unravel that,' she declared.

Malliotakis, a New York native, is herself the daughter of immigrant parents, born to a Greek father and Cuban mother.

Biden further indicated that climate change would be another priority in his first 100 days, as well as promoting federal financial assistance to state and local governments.

In a Fox News panel on The Ingraham Angle, guest hosted by Tammy Bruce, conservative critics piled on Biden's comments about his top priorities.

Pete Hegseth crashed Biden's priorities for his first 100 days as 'open borders and amnesty, climate shaming with John Kerry running around the world in his jets, and then bailouts for blue states.'

'He is the vehicle for the left... he has a list of things he needs to pay out to begin with,' said Hegseth, a Fox & Friends weekend co-host. 'This is about America Last,' chimed in podcast host Sara Carter. 'This is putting America last and putting globalism forward.'

Biden has promised to cancel many of Trump's limiting immigration policies. The hundreds of planned changes could take months or years to complete.

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