The Alt-AOC: Gun Toting GOP Freshman Hosts 'Turkey & Pork Funeral' For Thanksgiving

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 27 November 2020 20:30

Incoming Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, an anti-big government Republican who previously challenged local closing orders, said she has thought of an original way to avoid Colorado's Thanksgiving gathering limitations, by having a "funeral" for a dead turkey.

Boebert, who has stood against coronavirus lockdown measures, called out Colorado's restrictions on private gatherings to 10 people while "life-rite" gatherings like funerals can have many more people.

“In Colorado, Thanksgiving is limited to 10 people, but funerals are limited to 30," Boebert told Fox News in a recent interview in Washington, D.C., during the congressional introduction. "So I'm going to have a peaceful funeral for a turkey and have about 30 people at my house."

On Wednesday, Boebert validated her "funeral" plans for Thanksgiving but also said that her guest limit should actually be allowed to expand since she's added two more dead animals to the "funeral", a pig and a duck.

Boebert, the owner of a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colo., called Shooters Grill, said the government's job is to notify the public of coronavirus hazards and then let people practice their own personal accountability. She's been an abrupt critic of closing limitations that she says have crushed small businesses and families while allowing big-box retailers like Walmart to thrive.

During the early days of closing, Boebert, a 33-year-old wife and mother of four sons, said she drained the family's savings to make a salary and avoid cutbacks at her restaurant, which has gained fame for the waitstaff carelessly carrying their firearms. But in order to survive, she eventually opposed coronavirus lockdown rules this May by resuming her restaurant work – a decision that gave her a brief suspension of her food permit.

Garfield County, where Boebert lives, is currently under "Level Orange – High Risk" coronavirus limitations based on the virus' number of cases and hospitalization rate of infected patients. The limitations mean that public and private gatherings are capped to 10 people from no more than two households. But gathering size can be bigger for residences of worship and life rites such as weddings, funerals and baptisms, which are capped at 25% of the posted occupancy limit and can't exceed 50 people – slightly higher than what Boebert had originally projected.

Boebert, a Second Amendment supporter and President Trump follower, says the government should not be meddling with the holidays. "A government that is big enough to shut down your Thanksgiving dinner is a government that's too big," Boebert said.

Boebert has gone viral for standing against the government and notoriously defying former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke over his comments on seizing guns like AR-15s. "I am here to say: Hell, no, you’re not," Boebert said in a viral moment last year.

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