Fired Up: Kayleigh McEnany Doubles Down, Says Election Will Be Decided By The Courts

Written By BlabberBuzz | Monday, 23 November 2020 16:30

The plan to test "systemic voter fraud" during the 2020 presidential election is through the courts, Trump campaign adviser Kayleigh McEnany said Saturday.

While the proof of such fraud has been presented in court but not the mainstream media, McEnany, who also serves as White House press secretary, increased the accusations and charged the news media of being a part of the scheme.

Among other last-ditch tactics: personally calling local election officials who are trying to rescind their certification votes in Michigan, suggesting in a legal challenge that Pennsylvania set aside the popular vote there and pressuring county officials in Arizona to delay certifying vote tallies.

Election law experts see it as the final attempts of the Trump campaign and say Biden is certain to walk into the Oval Office come January. But there is great concern that Trump’s effort is doing real harm to public faith in the integrity of U.S. elections.

“It’s about trying to set up the conditions where half of the country believes that there are only two possibilities, either they win or the election was stolen,” said Justin Levitt, a constitutional law scholar and professor at Loyola Law School.

“We have 234 affidavits in Michigan, of voters in one county, saying this is what I observed. We have voters in Pennsylvania saying 'I showed up to vote, was told I couldn’t cast my ballot because there is a mail-in ballot that was cast on my behalf that wasn’t cast by me,'” McEnany said on "Fox & Friends Weekend."

McEnany said “real systematic claims” exist and will be presented before judges.

“Our justice system is where that will play, and that is something that the media cannot get in the way of. They can try to hide it, but the American people are smart. The 73 million people who showed up to vote for this president -- the most-ever voted for a sitting president -- they have a voice. We will be heard.

"The Tea Party movement made their voice heard, the Trump movement is now making our voice heard, and, again, we don’t need the media by our side, we can do it without them,” McEnany said.

President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani asserted widespread voter fraud during a news conference Thursday.

In court so far, the Trump campaign has mainly centered on the legality of ballots and counts without alleging fraud.

“We’ve got to continue fighting this, and the federal courts are the path and, hopefully, up to the Supreme Court, " McEnany said, "because voter fraud is real, and they seized on a pandemic and created an electoral epidemic -- one that was inexcusable, a system that should never have happened.”

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