Cuomo Getting Rich From Book, But Wants To Prevent State Employees From Doing The Same

Written By BlabberBuzz | Saturday, 21 November 2020 13:25

Six commissioners appointed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have voted against a proposal for the state's ethics enforcement agency to more closely scrutinize government employees' requests to earn outside income.

The commissioners shot down the measure at a meeting just a month after Cuomo released a book boasting about his handling of the coronavirus crisis. The Governor has refused to disclose just how much he was paid to pen the memoir, titled American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

On Tuesday, New York state's Joint Commission on Public Ethics met to discuss whether there should be more scrutiny of state officials' requests to earn outside income.

Under current measures, any state government employee who wishes to make an outside annual income greater than $5,000 requires approval from staffers at the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE).

The new measure sought to make the process stricter, with all 14 JCOPE Commissioners having to personally approve any requests.

Six commissioners who were appointed by Cuomo voted against the measure, while six other commissioners voted in favor of it. Due to the 6-6 deadlock, the proposal was not passed.

The meeting comes as Cuomo faces growing backlash over his new book.

According to Fox News, some New York state residents are furious about the governor's decision to capitalize off the crisis as his lockdown rules cause them financial heartache. Meanwhile, new restrictions - including the closure of New York City bars at 10 pm - are putting residents under further financial strain.

In recent days, many prominent commentators have taken to Twitter to criticize Cuomo for the book, as the threat of a severe second wave looms.

'Truly one of the worst publishing decisions in a year of particularly bad decisions was allowing Cuomo to put out a book about how he solved COVID-19 for NY,' author Maris Kreizman tweeted.

'Personally, I'd be embarrassed had I written a book about how great U did handling a crisis while the crisis was still happening. Cuomo... not so much, apparently,' activist Parker Molloy wrote on Wednesday.

Journalist Chris Herring added: 'Cuomo doing a book on his handling of NY's coronavirus recovery (before the virus came back with a vengeance) was really wild as hell'.

Cuomo says he will donate a portion of the book's profits to charity. has contacted his press office for comment, but have not received a clear answer at this time.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise across New York, with New York City specifically seeing a troubling spike.

On Wednesday, 5310 new cases of COVID-19 were reported across the state - more than five times the number that were reported exactly a month earlier.

Meanwhile, 2276 New Yorkers are currently hospitalized with the coronavirus, including 437 in intensive care.

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