Stop The Steal: Corrupted Software Which Gave Biden Michigan Win Also Used In These States

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 08 November 2020 07:30

New claims have been made that a software glitch in Michigan incorrectly gave 6,000 votes to Biden before county election officials caught the error and corrected it - this time correctly giving Trump a 2,000 vote lead in the county.

The glitch was noticed by local election officials in Antrim County on Wednesday after results showed that the former vice president won the county in the presidential race.

After recount, unofficials results now show that President Trump won the historically red county by just 2,000 votes, 9&10 News reports.

Questions were raised after the county first reported a local landslide for Biden in an area that has historically voted Republican. Officials acknowledged the results seemed 'skewed' and promised a second look. More than 16,000 votes were cast.

'It certainly makes a lot more sense with people who are familiar with Antrim County,' stated Jeremy Scott, deputy county administrator.

It wasn't a full recount of every ballot. Scott said results that were spit out by vote machines were tallied again.

Scott said officials were working with the company that provides election software and hardware to determine what happened.

Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox shared during a press conference that in addition to Antrim County, 47 other countries also use the same software.

Cox advocated for the counties to 'closely examine' the results of the election to see if there were any other discrepancies.

The tactic by the GOP is aimed at discrediting the legitimacy of the election across the country and in the state, where Biden leads by more than 146,000 votes.

The former vice president currently has Trump beat in the state, securing 50.6 percent of the vote compared to the president's 47.9 percent.

Michigan's GOP party was unable to say what system is routinely used to count ballots, but spokesman Tony Zammit added that the system had not been used under the tenure of Cox - who took office back in early 2019.

'It's starting to appear what happened in Antrim County was human error,' Posthumus Lyons, who ran on the GOP gubernatorial ticket with Bill Schuette in 2018, explained to the Detroit News.

'If that would have not been caught by the public or what have you, that error would have been caught in the county canvass,' she said.

In Michigan, Judge Cynthia Stephens recently ruled against the Trump campaign's push to stop the count in order to gain additional access for its observers. 'I have no basis to find that there is a substantial likelihood of success on the merits,' she said.

Biden's narrow victory in the swing states of Wisconsin and Michigan has given him more routes to the White House. Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina yet to be called.

While some states were able to get ahead by counting mail-in votes as they came in over the past two months, officials in three battleground states including; Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, were not allowed to begin counting mail-in votes until at least just before Election Day, if not on the day itself.

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