Watch: Trump Says If He'd Listen To Scientists On Covid, This Would Have Happened

Written By BlabberBuzz | Monday, 19 October 2020 14:50

President Trump slammed Joe Biden for being 'boring' and not together, while also characterizing him as a criminal mastermind worse than 'crooked' Hillary Clinton at the Democrat Sunday night at his Carson City, Nevada rally.

“This is the most boring human being I've ever seen,” President Trump said of Biden, while also claiming he was running a “criminal enterprise” alongside his son, Hunter.

“The Bidens make "crooked" Hillary Clinton look like an absolute amateur,” he said, using a throwback insult from his successful 2016 campaign.

Pointing a finger at Hunter, the president said,”This guy's a vacuum cleaner”, the president’s version of saying Hunter just takes all foreign money given to him.

“I call him the human vacuum cleaner,” the president said to cheers and applause from the crowd of thousands watching the president in the hot Nevada sun.

The crowd started chanting 'lock him up!' referring to Biden and his son.

“They're corrupt people. But Joe Biden is from a failed and corrupt political class,” President Trump reiterated in his fired up speech.

While the president occasionally veered into regional anecdotes, like how nearby California is facing water shortages by protecting a fish called smelt, he kept reminding the public that the media and 'big tech' were in an unholy alliance with Biden.

President Trump has been having a great run over a New York Post report that is proof that Joe Biden was in on his son Hunter's foreign business deals while he was serving as President Barack Obama's vice president.

The emails were allegedly found on a laptop left at a shop with a copy of the hard drive given to the president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Federal authorities are now investigating whether the emails were connected to a foreign intelligence operation in a bid to sway the election.

The president called it the “laptop from hell.”

“So a giant trove of emails show Hunter Biden making deals, setting up deals with his father Joe,” President Trump said at one point.

“Joe's getting a piece of everything,” he said at another moment.

The alleged emails included one that suggested a meeting between Joe Biden and Vadym Pozharsky, an adviser for the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, where Hunter Biden served on the board.

The Biden campaign says the meeting did not occur.

On this three-day swing, Nevada was the only swing state that tilted toward the Democrats in 2016, with 47.9 percent of voters in the state picking Clinton and 45.5 for Trump.

The president stayed Sunday at his Las Vegas hotel and attended church services at the International Church of Las Vegas before jetting off to Orange County, California for several hours to raise money for his campaign 16 days before the presidential election.

In Carson City, the president suggested the Democrats were cheating, and their fundraising was like a 'quid pro quo,' aiming the comment at Biden.

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