Democrats And Religion: Bill Maher Goes Off Again On Barrett, Catholics In General

Written By BlabberBuzz | Saturday, 17 October 2020 16:13

'Chuck Schumer said Democrats won't make Barrett's religion an issue, but they should because being nuts is relevant,' Commentator Bill Maher said in a monologue on HBO's Real Time on Friday. His comments drawing sharp backlash.

After the hearings this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee set October 22 for its vote to recommend Barrett´s nomination to the full Senate, with a final confirmation vote expected by month´s end.

Maher began his monologue by mocking threats from Democrats to pack the Supreme Court, saying it's 'already packed -- with Catholics.'

'Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Sotomayor and Gorsuch - who I count as Catholic because he was raised Catholic and is now an Episcopalian, which is just a Catholic who flunked Latin,' Maher crudely joked.

'And once when Mitch McConnell and company are done FedExing Amy Coney Barrett to the bench, seven of the nine justices will be Catholics,' he continued.

The two other sitting justices, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan, are Jewish, as was late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose seat Barrett would fill.

Maher in childhood was raised as a Catholic by his Catholic father and Jewish mother, and now identifies as atheist.

'We are 26 percent of the country... where's our voice on the Supreme Court?' Maher argued in his monologue, that atheists are 'the fasting growing denomination' in the country and deserve representation on the Supreme Court.of atheists.

“Atheists actually make better judges because we don't have to work to separate church and state. We're not torn between rational decision-making and what it says in the old book of Jewish fairytales,' he added.

Maher laid into Barrett for her Catholic beliefs and anti-abortion convictions, saying: 'She's been groomed since birth to overturn Roe vs. Wade. She's like the Terminator, a robot programmed to fulfill one task except she wasn't sent from the future, she was sent from the past.'

His harsh attacks drew backlash from Barrett's supporters, who accused him of crossing the line in his criticisms.

'Bill Maher calling ACB an “f-ing nut”? How about all the rude and nasty things D’s said about her adoption? Her face? Her clothing?' one person asked on Twitter. 'The hate of the Left has been literally everywhere these last couple weeks. If you cannot see it, you have to be willfully ignorant.'

'You are a disgusting person,' another person tweeted to Maher.

'Yes, Bill, being “nuts” IS relevant. That’s why no one really listens to you, homie,' yet another wrote.

One Catholic chimed in: 'Umm... Am I now nuts? Does this mean that Bill Maher is going to be voting for Donald Trump? Because news flash, Joe Biden is a Catholic.....'

However, Maher also drew notes of support, with some saying he was right to question whether Barrett's faith is disqualifying.

'I'm with you. When are we going to start the real debate... and debate the idea of religious nuts in power?' one person tweeted in support. 'It covers a lot of ground like the lack of science, the God like worship of Trump, and the hypocrisy of not loving people as the bible requires.'

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