The Demonrats in the US, and the communists in the USSR are so full of B.S., it clogs up my sinuses, which makes me want to use a Neti Pot. With the Amoeba's in the Neti Pot.

I could not possibly have higher respect for Sidney Powell. She wrote a book called "Licensed to lie". It's a tremendous eye opener. Most of the perps involved in Flyin's trap were also involved in the Enron cases. Between a crooked DOJ and a crooked FBI equals a very powerful, evil force. I would sure like to see her as the next DOJ leader. That would go far in healing my despair in how I feel about the DOJ.

These "innocent" "children" are neither innocent nor children. The contents of their minds by far out-weight all other considerations. Adult court is where they need to be tried in.

MORE Deep State manure. Damn, I am tired of that shit.

"I am obligated to make such decisions according to my own conscience", is a rare commodity now. Most politicians do not have a conscience and have black hearts.

Now she needs to stalk out of the USA and go back where her heart/mind and soul is located.

The way I see it, the Democrats have made that grave they dig, is about a mile down by now.KEEP DIGGING! GET BACK TO WORK. You guys have a long to go yet.

Talk about evil trolls at the bottom of a deep well. The sludge is higher than the trolls.

Why would national security adviser John Bolton be in this loop? I can see our Dept. of State and Dept. of the Treasury being in the loop, but not so much the National Security Adviser. Or am I out of the loop?

Rich Knoch Bolton wants to sell his book no matter how much crapola it costs President Trump . . . now everyone can see  that Bolton is little more than a POS. 3 weeks ago

*mf**! ALL demonrats are like little 3-4 year olds. It does not matter one whit how much you give them...they ALWAYS want more. I would not trade anything with demonrats. Their not going to do their part of a quid pro joe.

Back in the sixties, I remember seeing a black woman that was able to not only pop her eyes out, but they would lay below her eye sockets, showing the cord that goes back into the eye socket. I wonder if shifty is capable of doing that? He's probably just waiting for someone to ask him about that.

So...deadly diseases seem to come out mostly in either Africa or China. What is up with that?

Not going to happen, asshole!

Jon Shaw Hunter's new name will beDeadbeat Drunk.  Tell usREALLY how Tonta Hunter got these highpaying jobs.  Would you hire this man to do anything? 1 month ago