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No kidding.

Regarding the fine
candidates on the left; does anyone truly believe any poll showing any/all of them beating Trump?
Like geriatric Joe?
Fake news people, fake polls and fake people.

Robert Webster Steve NormanNow I do remember other canidates  in my life time that drew massive crowds but did not win the election. The actions of the supporters  of anyone is different in many way. Now some want to shout and holler and other just set on the sidelines and listen. I do not have to go to a rally to be in support of a candidate.  Now if you notice black community who normally support a Democrat hardly ever go to political rallies.  College educated persons very seldom attend a political  rally, as my... Show more 1 week ago

I'm sure she did work her butt off to get the funds for her campaign.
Would those who assisted her please step forward...

Sure, here it is:
nothing new here.

Justice Roberts? This seems an oxymoron as
justice doesn't figure into his current ruling. What
happened to being confronted by your accuser?
Roberts, in my opinion, has some sad skeleton(s) in his closet.
Trump IIS receiving the kavanaugh treatment with all these last minute gasps from the demoloons.
These pos dividers of America will never stop. The only way they will be stopped is by a civil action.
Thanks demoloons for tearing the USA apart.

Here is a message to twit rino Romney:. If you are so
interested in hearing from Bolton, why didn't you flap your azzface mouth at the Congress and your butt buddy SCIFF for brains.
It was their responsibility to call all the witnesses they could ever want.
The demoloons chose not to. Doesn't matter why they didn't but it was their choice.
Now idiots l

Steve Norman Now idiots like Romney, the I wanna be president too, are supposed to do the job of Congress and reinvent the wheel?
Get out of politics you cheap date.
4 weeks ago

Trump should fire thses beaurocrats and replace them with grade 12 graduates.

It's pretty much a given that anyone who watches
MSNBC is a moron, with the IQ of mud.
To say this channel is fake news is an understatement.
With the obvious lying of did host, this venue should lose its license.

Jimmy Yes they are as stupid and FAKE as CNN and so will also lose Millions to Sandmann! 1 month ago

So, reading this lengthy
article and the conclusions drawn can lead to only one final outcome: the world needs to level iran to remove any future threats in any country.
I guess that's an option given all the retaliation seen by the mullas.

Kudos to Mr cuccinelli for just leaving.
Had omally tried this with me, possibly one of us would have also left the bar - in a bodybag.
I'm really tired of all this mouthshine from a bunch of cowards who feel the first amendment Protects them.

“I welcome the challenge of connecting with black voters in America who don’t yet know me,” Buttigieg said
Oh, they know you alright. As a goofy looking *a*got.

I guess if she is such a strong person of character, how is it she trembles in her characterization of her feelings to Trump? Remember, she has never even met him.
Sounds like a true snowflake exhibiting TDS.
ANYWAY, while she was testifying, how is it she "knew" what Trump was texting? (Before bull Schiff told her to tremble harder)

Bob Pierce But Gym Jordan's unhinged screeching is fine with you? 3 months ago
Jimmy Bob, guess you are another Swalloswell(Swalwell) with your head up Schitt's ass! 3 months ago

An aside, about the Amy robach tap3c- she is sooo peeved that maybe, just maybe, she is the leaker???

How. Convienent, THE RUSSIANS DID IT.
Guess as the bottom falls out of the schiff bag. Of Tricks. The demoloons can safely say well it wasn't trump but it was the Russians all along.
Sure it was and I hope Horowitz and Durham link the russians to Hillary.