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That would be nice, BUT, when have the experts been correct in forecasting the future of the Chinese Virus Invasion?

The 3 Domestic Terrorists, one Idiot (AOC) and a whole slew of other Dems simply don't understand that non-citizens actually means NON-CITIZENS, but then that's just their Terminal TDS on display to the world. :)

She found the only way to get her face in the news by making a fool of herself - did she run out of toilet paper; i.e., to bring on this stupid comment? :)

I thought President Trump would wait till his 2nd Term to out the incompetents, but, looks like he's starting now. The Federal govt. needs a giant flush to Clean-the-Swamp. :)

Fredo is showing just how stupid he really is. He must ignore the daily briefings when representatives from CDC, FEMA, Military, Private Industry, Samaritan Purse and dozens of other organizations, on a daily basis, give their view of the Chinese Virus Invasion. He may be unaware due to his constant diet of CNN, MS-LSD and other FAKE NEWS outfits that ignore the FACTS. Terminal TDS is not a pretty sight. :)

Sheriff ***dy has been quiet for a while so this is his way to show his ineptness. He must still think Congress knows what is going on to protect America . . . . once an idiot, always an idiot. :)

Even though the USA contributes to around 1/2 (both Federal funds and donation from Americans) and China pays around 1% of WHO funding .. . . the WHO is owned, lock, stock and barrel by the ***m*es. who laugh at our belief it is a WORLD Organization.

Could it be that many folks in the WH Correspondents Assoc are Leftists who have compatible goals with the c**m**s?

Kissinger is also directly responsible for not fulfilling America's promise to pay North Vietnam War Reparations of around $3 Billion. When he and Nixon reneged on the agreement. N Vietnam kept around a thousand of our POW's.

Yes, Kissinger has blood on his hands!

I'm sure she knows quid-pro-quo-Joe is innocent? Lefty's stick together as they are slow to realize what is going on around them. It has to do with lack of Common Sense. :)

These idiot governors should stay with what they know and butt out of medical solutions. Michigan, Utah and other states have their own idiot leaders who deprived their citizens from this potential solution; i.e., thanks to them how many lives were lost? :)

Big Pharma is banking on the "vaccine" as they will make billions from it, while other corporations and individuals donated so much of their time and medical supplies. Big Pharma owns the CDC and FDA.

Virus's reconstitute themselves nearly every single year as the Flu Virus is on version 18, or so, and the Covid-19 is just another iteration. so yes, they can build a solution to version 19, but what about version 20, 21,22, etc.?

Around 20,000-75,000 lives are lost every year due to the common Flu and its many iterations.

These freaking "mongrels" just can't help themselves from continuing to make IDIOTS of themselves, every single day! :)

It's about time, but, we finally have a President that uses Common Sense, unlike obamba and his Lemming.

There shouldn't be a food shortage in the USA if they let Farmers grow crops, the food industry process it and grocery stores operate. We have tons and tons of grains stored in silos. China just bought tons of this supply.