Probable cause for the arrest . . Mr. Floyd did resist arrest . . . but he didn't deserve to die.

Those who are stopped by Law Enforcement and act like normal human beings are treated as normal human beings. Those who act su*p**iously and cause grief for Law Enforcement will be treated otherwise.

Now the Chinese Virus is being used to delay executions . . . what next?

The "New Green Weenie" could be passed due to the increase of Chinese Virus cases in the USA and the raising of body temperature which raises the earths temperature. Wait till the Left puts this together. :)

Sawant, was raised in India in the lap of luxury ignored poverty around her (in India) but is making her mark in Seattle by pointing out the poverty she sees. She ignores the fact the USA produces around 700,000 millionaires annually - with most all being from the lower and middle class. As an Economist, she is dilbert, with long hair.

Kanye may change his name to "Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West " so Birthday Party seems appropriate. He hasn't registered and will be a write-in vote which complicates his decision to change his name; i.e., who can remember or write his name on a short line on a ballot?

But, that's Kanye. His Rapper followers are hooked on his erratic ways. Maybe this will get quid-pro-quo-Joe out of his bas*m**t lair?

Robert Webster Rich KnochNow when even big name 3rd party candidates only get very few vote s, and Kayne West is not a notable to older persons in any way.  Now your quid-pro-quo-Joe is doing exactly what health experts say everyone is suppose to be doing, and about 70% of the population is doing, Now I see both Florida and Texas have done about the same thing, since having to close back down from their to soon openings, now they are the epi center of the problem.  Now look at the place we are in the worst in... Show more 1 hour 1 minute ago

Who, in their right mind, would vote for quid-pro-quo-Joe? Unfortunately, for the USA, the Left has many millions who are not in their Right/Rational mind.

Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system and was acting erratically, resisting arrest and arguing prior to the knee in the neck. But, he did not deserve to die.

quid-pro-quo-Joe is acting exactly like the puppet he really is . . . obamba pulled his strings for 8 years and now the Radical/Illogical and Rabid Left, like the Squad, own the strings.

BiteMe is a freaking loser to run for President, but, when you look at the DNC's choices, they really have none. Just a bunch of old demented dudes.

Californicate does "it" ag**n . . . Un-Americanism on display :)

Proof Antifa (and Black Lies Matter) depend on Useless Idiot Recruits to carry out their dirty work.

Their "occupations" were probably Video game playing in their Mom's base***t and this provided an opportunity to pick up some serious money by acting worse than wild animals. :)

I do apologize to "wild animals" as they have a higher IQ than these carrot level morons..

Californicate is still the leader in obvious mis-application of the Law. If she wants to punish someone then its the person(s) who made the original "scribbling", not the party who wanted to return it to normal.

But when your funder is "Satan on Earth" and your not of the White Race, its an obvious misapplication of the law.

How much more obvious can it be; i.e., the DNC and "the witch" were behind his ***de*.

Where else, but Berkeley, the "Free Speech" campus of the 1960-70's, now it's the Indoctrination head-quarters for Rabid Liberal Anti-Americans. :)

Though born in the "land of sand" and "imported" to the USA she did learn the secret to success; i.e., political thievery . . . but, is she caught? Probably not, as the great majority of crooked politicians simply keep on, keeping on. :)

The last 2 Directors of the FBI have pretty-much proven who they are; i.e. crooks or incompetents.

They probably were hoping to put the arrest long enough so those involved would be pushing up daisies; i.e., no one to Try for *ex*** Perversions. :)

Pack her up and mail her back to the "land of sand" where she'll see what an economy does to make "everyone" better off than she will be. :)

Also, be sure to warn her about her fellow Terrorists, in the "land of sand", who will chop her head off for a quarter.

Hard lessons often have to be learned the hard way.

Brian Evans Obama's sister!
Rajeev She is definitely out of her mind, I wonder what solution she has for this economy yesterday