Next, expect Demented-Dems to bring a second Impeachment for President Trump's national economic success and positive Trade Deals.

Somehow, these Idiots will find some Impeachable act in "Making America Great Ag**n".

Lynn Munoz I wouldn't be surprised if they impeached him for his HAIR. 42 minutes ago

**dler and Sheriff **o*y will slowly, but finally, realize they are no longer in the House's "Star Chamber" and will have to accept legitimate rules. :)

After House "Impeachment Managers" make fools of themselves it will become quite obvious the only solution is to hit the kill switch and send everybody home.

Demented-Dems shock troops are hooded, dressed in black and are actually public enemies #1.

All that's missing is a daily and season limit.

Looks like the Left Coast is taking a further step to "Total Destruction". :)

Wherever they move his $60 million "retirement fund" will quickly disappear and he may actually find out what it's like to hold a "real" job.

The downside, if he doesn't hire a staff of bodyguards, is they will become targets for kidnapping and ransom.

He and Meghan have jumped into the frying pan, but that's what they wanted to do. :)

If their House had done its due-diligence all "Fact"
witnesses would be in the Senate hearings.

The problem is two fold, (1) their are no "Fact" witnessed to call and (2) Sheriff **o*y's Star Chamber approach set the stage for "fairness".

Evidently, Pocahontas is totally unaware of her lying lifestyle. :)

First, it was Harry, head of the Reid Crime Family, then the Clinton Crime Family and now quid-pro-quo-Joe's four decades of thievery.

Should be interesting when this goes into an actual court of law . . . . :)

This is a prime reason why Xi will want to move on to Phase II; i.e., to get his economy rolling "before" an internal uprising moves to the front burner . . . this is what China's leaders fear the most. :)

Seems to be the Left's typical response to an "Honest Whistle-blower".

For "Dishonest Whistle-Blowers" Demented-Dems assist in their cover-up.

Lying is a required talent of the Demented-Dem-Clown-Show-Participants.

All seem to want open borders, free healthcare and the ability to totally stop our economy and bankrupt America . . not a pretty picture for anyone with Common Sense. 😊

Governor "Black Face" has stirred up a hornets nest by taking away the final chance citizens have to protect themselves, when Law Enforcement response time is in the 3-30 minute range.

An armed citizen can respond to a home invasion in around 5-20 seconds.

Demented-Dems are math-challenged, as well as logic challenged. :)

Trouble in Demented-Dem-Paradise . . . did quid-pro-quo-joe know what (mental) state he was in? :)

Being "Impeached Forever" is still head and shoulders above being a Demented-Dem, like Wackosi or her fellow Lemming.

She's losing it in "Real Time". :)