"The reports say federal investigators are looking at terrorism as a motive."

Do you think? Thieir "film" is obviously heading for recruiting of more blood-thirsty terrorists.

Good old Joe BiteMe has discovered the very best magnet to pull in millions of more illegals who will also, next step, become eligible for all the other Freebie Programs which will make the annual $20+ Billion cost quadruple, or more, over the coming years . . . . . if this doddering old fool is elected. :)

The Left's Identity Politics is becoming comical when the set upon each other :)

The problem with 8-10 years of Tax Returns from 600+ companies including working papers . . . all feeding down to his personal returns is guaranteed to produce 100 different solutions by 100 of the best IRS Auditors on earth.

Focusing on his Personal Returns, only, is a fool-hardy mess that someone like Sheriff w***y would consider. :)

The compound ignorance of the Demented-Dem-Left never ceases to amaze.

Professor Turley stated sever times, in several ways, he was not "ag**nst" the Impeachment.

He stated quite clearly he disagreed with Sheriff **o*y's "instant Impeachment" and "Star Chamber" tactics.

Demented-Dems are a lost civilization, completely unaware of our language and pounding rocks to make senseless noise :)

Idea? Why not hire Sheriff ***dy as her attorney?

He seems to operate quite well without FACTS.

All that's needed is to listen to her inane babble and it's evident why Demented- Dems are on the way out to a decade, or more, of "lost in space".

Enjoy! :)

She was a student at Boston U which is not an inexpensive place for being brainwashed, especially at her level. She did have financial assistance, but not a full ride.

Question: If able-bodied, why not get a part-time job?

Daniel Majored in socialism. 2 days ago

My guess is both the perpetrators (comey & his other pet slugs) did a wink-wink with the Judge(s) as a reading of the Dossier would make only crap-sense to any Rational Person. :)

I'm sooooooooo glad Rudy is still doing what he does best; i.e., shining sunlight on corruption, which these days seems to be centered in the Demented Dem Party. :)

"MadDog" Feldman and his two accomplices were struck dumbfound by Prof. Turley's Succinct & FACTUAL words yes***day.

A few Demented Dems at the Inquisition figured out just how deep in the bingo ditch (Asian open sewer system) they are. :)

quid-pro-quo-Joe BiteMe will forever have this anchor around his neck.

Also makes one wonder how much he's stolen while hanging around Washington, deCeit for 4+ decades?

Finally . . . Justice.

I seriously doubt the judgement will ever be paid. :)

Mr. "KellyAnn" Conway has figured out a way to get even by g**ning another 20 pounds and holding his breath till he turns blue.

Terminal TDS has long-ago take over his few remaining brain cells. :)

Evidently, criminality runs in the family? :)

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