We should dissolve the UN or send it to Africa to host their effing racist organization!!!

Isn't that American interference with foreign elections?! These two fascists are trying to install socialism everywhere!

My dog ate my homework!! Biden is a real LIAR, never mind Trump – Trump is a first grade pupil liar compared to Biden!!

What else is new? We all know that schiffty-Schitt is a congenital liar. So, he lies a*a*n. AOC is not only a liar, she is also an uneducated stupid B*I*T*C*H! Can't expect much form that one either.

These animals will never go unpunished because there are people like Fair, Dale Ruff and such Hitlary trash (about 40% of the country) who always think that all of them are "superior" to People and who, in fact, are uneducated anti-American s*u*. Both criminals The Clintons will never be punished because they belong to a Mafia Elite.

These four should be HANGED on the same tree!!

Miles to Code Is there a tree strong enough and a disposal facility large enough to hold such guano though? 4 days ago

Booker? Well, too bad, man! One should be more of oneself to run for the Presidency!

Re-elect Trump-the-President in 2020 if you want to keep America sane, safe and prospering!

Piglosi is really STUPID, very stupid, conniving, street smart but irredeemably STUPID!!

NA who is the "arts" endorser? the alcoholism-ovewrwhelmed Piglosi?!?