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Gender : State : Florida City/Town : Florida About Me : happily married2my #soulmate...

anti american democrats constantly try and call us a democratic country we are not we are a democratic republic and we keep DC separate for that reason Civilians can register to vote in Virginia no one is left unrepresented

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fight for your country and have a mass deportation NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT A**iN

we must in a collective voice demand this doc**ent & demand Congress become more transparent It make you wonder what dems think when they demand Trump tax returns voters didnt care about yet they were okay with Obama sealing everything about his entire life before being elected as if he were a real Manchurian candidate

why did they let those women go At the very least this was risk of injury to minors and severe neglect They should be deported and their kids sent to foster care here where they have a chance at a better life with loving adults

The MSM and Holywierd Demonrats all tried to cover up the serial raping going on in Holywierd!!! The Serial Rapists out there are astounding!!! Georde Clooney, Ben Affleck, Steven Segal, ALL Demonrat Hitlary supporters!!! I guess Birds of a feather really DO Flock together!!!

It seems this is a habit of professors in this country. that alone is why college kids are snowflakes and can't function in public. That being said, this is not news. The radical left has made a job out of blaming Trump for everything, However they are missing the fact the country is moving forward in leaps and bounds! Most of Obabas EO's are gone, the unemployment is at 4.2% more jobs being created, incomes are rising, the world leaders know he means business and that they have to pay their fair share. The biggest thing is the 3.1% GDP, something that Obama couldn't do. much more. So go ahead professors, keep spewing crap as we all move forward under the Constitution and not communism!

Maybe Poll boy **t*r* Robbie will let everyone know how low the media polls with America??? The last one had them polling LOWER than Trump and the Congress and Senate!!! RHAT rells it all when 11 percent of America likes the Media and Holywierd elites!!!

The facility did not have a Backup Generator running on Gas or Propane??? They have elderly on many different machines and Oxygen and no backup Generator in a Hurricane zone??? Someone needs to explain!!

Once an idiot always an idiot! Ruffalo reigns.

Typical Libturd Liar!! President Trump was right when he said the White people had a permit for a Rally!! The Antifa and BLM are the ones who came there Illegally for a fight!!! It says everything when these Terrorists are marching A*a*NST the President of the Country when Antifa has been already listed as a Terrorist Organization!! Arrest them and charge them with Terrorist crimes!!

If Fox had been a better president during his administration in Mexico those depraved children's parents and even they themselves wouldn't have left Mexico to come to this country to seek a better life, that's if Fox had been a better leader at creating opportunities for his citizens.

So let me get this straight...this Fox chieit stain acknowledges his country is loaded down with poverty but it's somehow the right of these poor "poverty stricken" Mexicans to come here, ILLEGALLY, and be supported by the US taxpayers? Also, one should note, it would appear he didn't go such a hot job of doing anything about the rampant poverty in his country. Funny how this works, you're nation is a crap hole, the absolute azzhole of the continent, and this is somehow the fault and the RESPONSIBILITY of the United States? Get a grip dude. I don't have a problem one with minorities. But you can't allow more to immigrate than the system will handle. He's wealthy, why not donate all his money to feed the poor in his nation? Right?

We all knew Bush was a whining POS!! Now we have the proof!!