I pray the more they try to impeach, the greater God will help Trump win the 2020 elections and improve our submission to the Constitution.

Agree, We will not vote for the Democrats who booed God out of and off their party and platform in '12 & '16

Even with zero truth, the Democrat's lies that are told will take too long to prove false and by then the public will only remember the lies.
Must shut this down ASAP and then start the Senate's Judiciary Trails to publicize Trumps side and expose the Democrat's corruption.

Hear their evidence, vote and then start the Senates's Judiciary trail of the criminals who brought these false charges.

Democrat's Standard Operating Procedure.
Please study Democrat's Humpty Dumpty Institute, LLC at thehdi.org/press/press-releases/hdi_cab_dec_2018.html

That is so true ... Trumps meets dozen each day with little clue as to who they are. m The group he may remember.

When has any person found the intent of any Trump message to be false? On the other hand, when has any Democrat told the truth.

Sanders' objective would be to dismantle our constitutional government and setup a Cuba styled regime

This idiot would not release who the whistle blower is or allow evidence/witnesses Republicans wanted. Go away.

Check their funding and how much they are paid to purely disrupt and entice patriots to look bad from the vantage point the lying media uses.

Pray for our leaders. These anti-American Globalists are still in the most powerful positions in every branch of our government.
Just pray and hang on for the ride. www.godauthoredbible.com

Satin is the source of all evil and lies. Can you name a single practicing Biblical Believer in the Democrat's leadership?

add families of Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer ... and that is just one country.
Study thehdi.org/press/press-releases/hdi_cab_dec_2018.html

With a Trump win here and in the 2020 elections ... Then think Dr. Zhivago and Bernie's Communists by 2020+. That will occur years earlier if Democrats win. Pray and hang-on.