Trump is mere man and our administration required all the prayers they fan receive (and that is limitless). More importantly, pray for every loved one and friend by name and ask God to do a miracle in their lives.

Many deadly viruses are. Bill Gate owns the patents on both the virus and shots for 'Ebola'. WHO killed hundred in Africa (where they did not value and same in China) in testing ebola.

This best be a wake-up call for all. If you believe in socialism or communism (like lying Sanders), you best check the history of how it ruined every great country.

When Democrats expose their dirt, the deep state news fight back.

That entire criminal cabal must be eradicated. They hate our religions, our Constitution and the working class that keeps america great

Better safe than sorry. Close borders first.

When truth is wrong and criminal are right. Start to pray more than ever.

Hillary will help him commit suicide first before he ever steps foot upon our land.

China has 5 and we have 80% of newsprint, radio/TV, and social media.

Barbara Root Never underestimate the ChiComs. Apparently Mini can be bought. 1 week ago

What about those apposed to our constitutional rights and laws?
Agree, eliminate the Federal Reserve Banks and their branches's strangle hold on our country.

That accusation is easy, Bloomberg hates justice and our constitutional laws.
Any person who considers voting for a Democrat ... better pray about it.

This is wish list from the deep state. I do not believe Barr will would consider a leave for that.

Restore Gen Flynn's life with $$$, apologies, and prison for those who set him up.

Read Galatians 5:18-23 ... and worse than mean animalistic behavior is to be expected.

Papabear Dilley As long as they're beating on each other, who cares! 1 week ago