Blaming her failures upon the Federal government, hence President Trump, is dead wrong and she should be exposed.

He cares less about public safety. Buying votes at the expense of the victims

I understand that some manufacturers feel left out on the "gravy train" but lowering profits and being the best supplier would truly over-load you production and improve your ratings for future contracts. Put other first in this crisis.

Buy their machine, copy it and mass produce here for USA consumption first.

Marky Polo The UNIONS would not allow it! 4 days ago

Understand that Gates is one of the most ruthless entrepreneurs who places zero value on human life (except his own). How has he stepped up to help Trump fight.

If the "oh so smart" liberals would stop complaining and just provide one workable solution new product to help... then they would have a reason to write and complain. Until then, be thankful for what we have.

I would guess the pain is much less than she has caused to our country!

Toni Stechauner Dartey Whats wrong with her? Does she have Covid19? 5 days ago

This virus infected the brain of every Democrats and member of the news media.

She is the most evil person in the Swamp

If he were a Republican, that would have been daily headlines for the last 6 months. Cover their own.

Just pray that Godly blessing will imbue this administration to save our country that God has blessed for so long.

Don't know where numbers come and go but I believe that My creator God has a solution to this Satanic onslaught and will be discovered (revealed) was we pray for His healing of our bodies, society and country.

Who also covered up COVID-19. They are nasty and we should be out of the UN and their likes

Best Ad of this year.