Remember when everyone was mad at Jerry Jones because he wanted to get rid of Goodell? Instead the NFL owners voted to give the dope a huge contract.

Can I suggest a few more disclaimers? All books by ***kens and Tolstoy should have a warning about how boring and tedious they are to read. Books by F. Scott Fitzgerald are apt to cause deep depression. (of course, those are MY opinions) And of course Gone With the Wind is a product of the times. It can't be a product of the future! HBO is pure poppy***k!

Goddell never once voiced support for another player that kneeled before the games - Tim Tebow!

Gee, Bill - I don't think they were wearing masks to be safe from covid19! It was certainly convenient cover on their "trips" to stores.

Gee - they must have missed the part where Kayleigh's dad played football for Mississippi State University. I mean, doesn't any connection to MS, or the south, make her a racist? She was offered a scholarship there, too, but became a Georgetown Bulldog instead of an MSU Bulldog.

Daniel Vermeychuk OOPs there it is. 4 weeks ago

Now they are in trouble! You don't mess with college football in the South. Period! I absolutely cannot understand this destructive mentality.

I feel like various media outlets have pushed us to use social media. My local newspaper switched to FB from their own forums. And Twitter has replaced email as a way to contact a network or show host. Some want me to use Instagram. Enough!

Her PhD is in geography. How does she go from that to handling pandemic data while she is not a scientist?

I don't really have a problem with the joke per se. The boy does have a snozzola. But I don't like Chris' interviews with his brother. All fluff.

And people laughed when Gov DiSantis wanted to keep NYers out of Florida during the pandemic.