It's bad enough to have cancer in my body, but to see this cancer eating at our nation is almost too much to bear. I hope the Socialists will come my way while I still have strength enough to do something about it.

This is why you shoot to kill when a mob attacks you, and you keep on shooting until all of them are dead.

People of every other skin color should boycott them until they either return to the true National Anthem, or they have a song for each and every skin color.

There is no "Black National Anthem". There is only a song that is being called that by a bunch of terrorists. Boycott the NFL!

Whether anyone likes it or not, he is innocent until proven guilty.

A totally Conservative Supreme Court would be a dream come true!

This is a war. When they come to our towns or wherever we live then it is time to man up, and to hunt and kill them like the rabid dogs they are. No mercy!

Imagine my right foot up alongside the left side of your head kicking some sense into you in place of the lack of common sense that your parents failed to give you while you were growing up.

10 years of hard labor!

I have a poster of John Wayne from the movie "The Green Berets" that he autographed and gave to each member of my A Team before he died. Mine is hanging on the wall in my office. If this makes me a racist for having it then I am proud to be one.

Excellent! The police there finally did the job they are paid to do.

Daniel Vermeychuk About time 5 days ago

These Ivy League liberal schools are guilty of moral cowardice.

So now this case will return to the Supreme Court once a**in, and will continue building the Wall until it is challenged yet a**in for some reason.

They only polled 1,001 people in the entire State of Texas. There is nothing true and accurate about these numbers.

Leon Myers They called people in Austin and the like, that is why the results. Support President Trump! 6 days ago

Better to leave the statues alone except to paint them with the blood of socialists.