Rather than just roll your eyes in dismay at Ms. Teigen’s offensive smear, you can call Target at 612-304-6073 and register your complaint. I intend to do this first thing in the morning. I will tell them that knowing what I do now, I will have a very hard time entering a Target store or going to their website, because instead of looking at their merchandise, I will be thinking about what Ms. Teigan, as a representative of their store, said. She has a right to free speech, which means she cannot be locked up for her words, but I have a right to shop where I choose and if Target wants to keep me as a customer, the store has a right to separate itself from people like Ms. Teigan who reflect badly on it.

greenery Q ALL MUST CALL TARGET TO GET RID OF THIS MENTALLY SICK MONGREL NOW. Target as a business is after all about their bottomline. Her foul talk has no room in the business world. Imagine? businesses being represented by this kind of nasty woman? for sure will be out of business soon. She can talk all she wants is her rights, but the consequences of her disgusting talks defaming people she dislikes, while trying to sell her products is not a winning strategy for target profits, but a vast liability. 2 months ago