Nothing President Trump has said has contradicted what his designated experts have told the public to do. The President is not minimizing the fact that a contagious virus is circulating around the world and that people should do what the experts advise to minimize the virus’s effect. However, panicking the public with dire doom-and-gloom warnings would be spreading misinformation. What we know now is that 80 percent of the people who contract the virus experience no or very mild symptoms. Those who become sick need care, and the vast majority of them seem to recover. The highly touted—and important—flu vaccines prevent the disease in 40-60 percent of the population. Those who get the flu are in as much danger as those who contract COVID-19. That’s all the President said, and I have heard no one contradict him on that. The same precautions the experts are advising for COVID-19 are just as useful to prevent catching the flu—or the common cold, for that matter, which can also lead to pneumonia and death in those with preconditions and/or compromised immune issues.

Barbara Root Thank you for bringing some sanity to all of the hysteria. Tucker should be ashamed. 2 months ago