If Schiff is involved you can bet the farm its a lie. Ric Grennel's first task should be to out the leaker, spy, unamerican, Schiff for the traitor he is.

Pompeo needs to clean house now.All those holdover State Dept employees should get their severance notice now.

I was so happy to see the President in my home Valley, the great San Joaquin. I grew up there and it will always be home. Without the valley and the Farmers, life would be very difficult for most. I don't think Mini Mike could dig enough holes, find enough seeds, and since the feds cut back water allocation in the San Joaquin Valleyt we would starve.

Wonder who Mini is going to offend next. He's already gone after farmers, women and now it looks like Trans are next. What a snake this egotistical worm is.

Jackson Brannon Don't forget the Gun owners and Minorities!!! 5 days ago

This is a really big here say case. No witnesses??? No police file?? Its a set up. Harvey is a slime bag, but these victims were looking for favors

And the judge should be removed permanently for failing to be impartial. Now the Dems have made the court systems a total joke.

Wonderful man, we should all follow his example. Help in your communities, work at the soup kitchen. Give unwanted clothing, shoes etc to organizations who do help to feed and clothe the homeless. Vote out all DEMONCRATS who want to keep the homeless where they are. We the People are going to need to solve this problem because the Government can't. Especially those Blue states.

Maxine has been out of her mind for decades. She launders money to her daughter and doesn't live in the district she represents. She is beginning to look 80 and needs to find a better wig maker.

We must be patient for the next 9 mos. The Dims will try the same old tricks out of their really outdated play book just to get the President to say something or do something so they can try to impeach a**in. If we are all just patient and let them spin their wild tales, they will lose Senate, Congress and Presidential elections on Nov 3. We patriots must stick together and form a "more perfect union" KAG

Even if hes right those are the idiots that voted for their girl criminal Hillary..... not enough of them to stop the President.

I'm not sure the Dims in VA have any clue as to what they are doing. They have West VA, maybe now they will have East VA, and South VA. The North is full of federal workers and explains why they keep electing idiots. Cali has the same problem and didn't divide into 4 or 5 states when they had the chance. Now they have idiotic socialists representing them. ie, the Pelosi/Newsome family. Yikes

Colin, You really have NO talent and choke in the big game. Lose you radical girl friend, and make sure you have your money out of her hands, and move on. Try to repair your relationships with your adoptive family, and maybe even you Mom. The fans, well as long as you NEVER play compe***ive football, we might get over some of you shenanigans, but NEVER the knelling and losing the Super Bowl because you ego got in the way

Ft Irwin would be great in the Mojave Desert in awful that part of Cali is not golden. More like dirty.