These people work for us and they treat us taxpayers like idiots and they get away with ***d*r. WIN THIS CASE AND Name Names. I don't give a damn what side of the isle they are on. enough is enough!

So what then would Harris consider herself? Maybe a Predator?? Or a prostitution as she did that to climb the ladder

After further review Kathy
Griffin next to Sarah Huckabee is still a"" ZERO And Eve Ewing and the rest of the nutso's?? Never heard of them. They don't matter to anybody, but themselves.

It is obvious with the crooked governmental people involved with the Coup and the success T It looks as if they run a separate government from the people Trump has had regardless of being tired up everyday with this crap, that we should never a**in vote for a president that has had governmental experience!! It looks as though they have a government by themselves (elitist) not for the people!

Anxiously awaiting the hangings, if it doesn't get done by the law, then the people have to do the job.

All these people need to be hung! Or suffer vigilante attacks!

They said he was mentally deranged when he was in his first few months in office, with all he has accomplished, a*a*nst ALL odds tells me we need more mentally deranged presidents like Trump.

Lawrence Greenberg This is hilarious.  It's the Dems, with their Trump Derangement Syndrome, who have proven they are mentally deranged and in need of help.  Mr. Trump is doing just fine... 10 months ago

Trump supporters, this would be a good place to gather for a rally armed and loaded in case the group of truly deranged people lose it.

If Obama and Clinton don't go on the stand "nothing" is worth pursuing. They were the leaders and responsible for the whole thing and should be punished for it!

Lawrence Greenberg Could not agree more,  BUT do you think these two pathological, consummate liars are going to tell the truth about anything, especially if doing so means they will land in jail until their bones turn to dust - or get them up against a wall somewhere for the final countdown? 10 months ago

what is going on with Blabber buzz??? slow response to everything and corrected words are not even words!! What the hell???

Hey I finally agree with this duffs, I think Mueller should testify, because the Republicans will get their chance at him and to catch him in an obstruction of Justice and have to tell us when he knew the the whole thing was a hoax!!

What is with this site lately? Delay, delay, delay. slow, slow slow.

Hasn't Elijah had problems before like this? Crooked f ucker!