"It’s like they are completely oblivious to the long history of socialism’s evils."

They are. I have long been saying that this is why REAL history, meaning true history as opposed to Howard Zinn-style Leftist revisionist history, is no longer taught to our children. Very simply, it is so the children can be lied to by their teachers, 95% of whom are hard Left in their politics, and the children will never question the lies because they will have no idea as to what the truth actually is.

"The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., spoke out last week after the incident in New Hampshire, accusing the mainstream media of not calling out the violence a*a*nst Trump supporters and Republicans."

He's joking, right? The mainstream media have been doing all they can to ENCOURAGE this type of behavior.

Hey, Stelter. EVERYTHING that comes out of your mouth is stupid, a lie, or both.

"Apparently “diversity” means targeting and excluding white students..."

Duh, "diversity" has always meant anyone but Whites. Is there really ANYONE who doesn't understand that by now?

Not only won't that be enough, but the "rich" will do what they always do when taxes in a place become too onerous: they will pack up and establish residency in a more friendly nation and then they won't be paying ANY taxes to the greedy nation where they had been. And it has been done so many times before...

"Trump Expected To Pardon Roger Stone"

I certainly hope so. What a travesty of justice, and this man is in jail while real criminals like Obozo, and Hillary, and Holder, and Lynch, and Rice, and on and on walk free.

Why would any sane person want to waste their time speaking with a lifelong pathological liar?

At the age of 66, it has been both my personal experience and my observation that those who cry "racism" and "racist" the loudest and most often are, in fact, themselves the worst racists around. Examples abound: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and on and on.

"Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, The Clintons, Nancy Pelosi and George Soros All Have Connections to the Ukraine"

And just like the Ukraine, they are all corrupt.

"There May Be Major Deep State Arrests This Week"

Dare we hope...?

Gee, nice of you guys to finally wake up. They have been doing this for DECADES!