Megan Frye wrote:
How about this...China, who started this Wuhan Flu epidemic and then covered it up, gets to pay 80% and the rest of us can 'share' the 20%.
Not one blessed cent for internat5ional taxes!!! Never!!! We fought a war over that. Disband the dfamn UN!!!

@POTUS #HellNo!!! Get the UN out of ther US and US out of the UN without delay.

Damn you, Biden, give aid where aid is due: to Iran's victims and those it threatens with conquest.

Humanitarianism is for humans, those who live and let live, not for warmongers; not for vampires.

Cut the Chinx offg. No travel, no tourism, no exchanges.

Biden & Sanders are losers. If the party shafts either or both of them, their followers will deprecate the party's name and stay home with disastrous effects on the down ballot candidates.

If the establishment picks the flag bearer, :Democratic" loses it's meaning!

Empanel a grand jury, summon the entire chain of custody until you find the laptopo. I bet it won't be found. Suymmon Erik prince and get him to name the cops who saw it, then make them testify.

Mark Yelton Better yet summon this lawyer who as an officer of the court is required to turn over evidence of a crime and not to Ale Jones. If this lawyer can find all this crap then the Attorney General should have no problem. 3 weeks ago

#CHUMP : Iran crossed yer red line a*a*n today. Now is the time for that strike you cancelled last summer. Hit them so hard they will never recover.

Important message to descendants of slaves: yer ancestors were enslaved and sold by Muslims!!! Get yer reparations from Muslims. Curse Allah & Muhammad!! In Arabic, there is one word for Black and slave: abed. Abdulla means slave of Allah. They consider Blacks suitable only for slavery.

Important message to Muslims, Brown & Black racists: Yer not so mucking futch, go jack in yer own yard, back off!
You hate our declaration of independence, our constitution, our law enforcement and us. You think your false religion, your pigment and your numbers make you superior and destined to rule us. You do not belong here! Take the next flight to Hell!! We are white, we are right and we will fight!!

Jackson Brannon DANG RIGHT!!! 3 weeks ago

Mullocracy would be replaced by military.

Bernie exposes the parfty as a pack of ****ies; we must reject him and the entire downticket.

If Joe gets a majority, Hitlary could be VP, then if they win, he could be found dead of Arkancide😉

Jim Crull Bring it! 3 weeks ago