Always lying to get what she wants. Reminds you of Hillary doesn't she?

No more CNN softballs lobed at them. It is getting down to it now. The gloves are coming off and they will each try to destroy each other. Get the popcorn.

This will be the SECOND time the Democrats cheated Bernie. WE all know that the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz RIGGED the nomination for Hillary. So why does this moron keep up the bullshit that the Republicans tampered with the last election?

What a total crock of shit. Hollywood is full of Trump hating left wing loons. If Griffin was the least bit pretty or talented she would have plenty of work.

Jurek _ I'm guessing the "e" is silent - must have never been out of the country. He sounds like a complete failure who thinks it is better/easier to steal what you need than to earn it. He obviously knows NOTHING about Soviet Gulags. He probably thinks the Concentration Camps were like day care too.

So what the3 State Department is saying is that they know things but they will continue to keep those things away from the public. Sounds to me like the State Department is trying to protect themselves more than anything else.

More Democrat confusion. The Democrats openly speak about their hatred of white men and Jews. The Democrats preach for diversity. Where is the Democrats diversity? What they have for front runners are two OLD white men and one is a Jew. Then they have a woman who has never met the truth. Followed by another Jew who is a - billionaire - which the Democrats also despise - and says he will spend his entire fortune to get elected. In other words he will attempt to buy the election.

When Biden's only decent son - Beau died. Crazy Joe had no problem with Hunter - I mean his only surviving son - dumping his wife and kids to go and shack up with his brothers widow - 6 months later. (In the Soup Nazi's voice) "NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU" - Joe you POS.

Sounds like Putin ;earned something from Obama and Clinton. They think they are still in power after losing too.

Her supporters really think a Democrat will give money BACK? Has Pelosi paid the $2,000,000 she stole in "Free" Military air travel? Did Feinstein's husband ever pay back any of the billion dollars - from the contract he was "awarded" for that FAILED "high speed train to nowhere" in California?

WOW!! Kill all your opponents. And these nut-jobs call Trump supporters Nazis? Their lack of education is astounding.

Pretty pathetic - self proclaimed "Liberals" hiding behind the skirt of a little girl. But then a**in we have seen they seem to prefer little girls.

Kirt Jensen Worse, a little autistic girl. 6 days ago

as Warren is the only "woman" left on the Democrats ticket right now - he was probably just speaking directly to Warren. Maybe Warren should put on a plaid shirt and start acting like Rosie O'Donnell. She's lied about everything else.

Put t5his pair of idiots into Professional wrestling and call it a day.

Drunken Nancy Pelosi could never be a Muslim. Muslim's are supposed to abstain from alcohol. Of course what Muslims should do has not stopped Ilhan Omar from being a complete "Ho" has it?