This article says two things corona virus has a gene similar to HIV and Iran's VP test positive for Coronavirus. Did he test positive for Coronavirus or HIV? How would the very first case of Coronavirus in the country reach all the way up to the VP?

Has the EU ever made a good decision? One that benefits Europeans?

What we are seeing is the result of having criminals running the so called Justice Department. In antoter comparrison - Lori Loughlin lied to get her daughter in a college. They are talking about giving her up to 60 years in prison. Lizzie Warren lied to get a $400,000 per year job at a college - and she is running for president.

Why would her staff leave and Secret Service stay outside if they were just talking about golf and the grandkids? Obama made Lynch AG to keep inept Eric Holder out of jail. Many don't know that Holder's wife Shaton Malone Holder and Lynch were sorority sisters

There have been many reports that Gates and Bloomberg are connected financially to this virus. Of course our own lame stream media denies this. As our media cannot be trusted to tell the truth we will have to wait for other countries to investigate and tell us the truth. This is what we have come to. .

To say there was "no intent" seems to be the FBI'S "Get Out oj Jail Free" card. To say there was no intent in these cases is like saying the cop did not "intend" to deprive you of justice when he planted evidence on you and then arrested you for having that evidencein your position. They didn't intend to kill the guy when they tied him to a tree - shot the victim 10 times and set the body on fire. What a bunch of BS!

Is Bloomberg really running for office or just trying to buy/rig a way to get the b**c* of Benghazi back in the White House to get her pay for play going ag**n.

“I have never understood why it is "greed" to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else's money.” -Thomas Sowell

This is just the tip of the iceberg. When they are done exposing Mueller - maybe he will be called to account for his participation in Ruby Ridge - Waco - The Murrah Bldg in OKC - 9/11 - The Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort m**s*cre - HSBC Bank's money laundering of billions of dollars worth of drug cartel and terrorist money.

If 90% of the m****rs were committed by minority males - should the cops be looking for white males? Asian women?

Lawrence Greenberg Yes, otherwise they are all racists.  LOL.  The Left is not interested in facts, truth, or reality - they have an agenda. 2 weeks ago

At this point Democrat voters are left with choosing the "least - worst" candidate.

I posted yes*e**ay
Mitt Romney (D-UT). But that may be wrong the people of Utah may not re-elect him. Here's an idea Mitt. If you are such a great politician and leader why don't you pick up your carpetbag and go back home to Michigan. You fix Detroit - show us how great you are.

Politicians with millionaires and Hollywood elites is not uncommon on either side of the aisle. Money Money Money. It's what these politicians did with these people that get's them in trouble. Unless Bloomberg was involved in either the rapes or cover-ups of those rapes - he did no wrong. As the article states the rapes were not exposed until 2017 - this event took place in 2013.

Too put this in perspective - 400,000,000 is more than the entire population of the USA.

The FBI has a Wall of Honor - paying homage to fallen heros of the FBI. I wonder if they will install a Wall of Shame for Mueller - Comey - McCabe - Wray - Srtzok and Page?