Poor lady. Too bad she has to live with Racist Looting sc**!!!

Odummy wanted the space program and NASA to go away!! He thought Muslim flying Carpets could make it to the moon and back!!!

Mike will work with our President and help clean up that schitthole!!!

Now you all know why Demonrats want our guns to be outlaw these Anti-fa will have looting at will!!!

Next week they will find every Ghetto POS in LA wearing top of the line Name Brand clothes that they could never afford!!! Tough Schitt,Demonrats. Now everyone knows why Demonrats want our guns. So we cannot protect our Property!!!

eople need to band together and take back their Communities from Leftist Radical Anti-fa POS Liberal sc**!! Start shooting them and they will all go hide!!!

More people need to start shooting the rioters. That is what we do with Vermin in our neighborhood!!!

Hitlary Clinton needs to shut her HUGE suck Hole!!! Did she forget Waco and Ruby Ridge???

Demonrats have more call for Drugs and Alcohol than religion unless you are a Mooslime needing your religion to allow you to abuse Women!!!

Kaper*i** was a real POS and he was not worth schitt as a player. He was not Team Material. He went looking for a Racist view at all times!!!

Amy was the one who should have built a case a**inst the Officers. Instead she threw the case for the officers to continue abuses and ***d*r!!!

Open fire and these creatures will run and hide like the trash they are!!!

Officers should have shown up and opened fire!! The Rioters had no right to attack and Loot in L.A!!!

So the more FAKE news you dribble the more likely it is that you will get a Pulitzer. People like Jim Acosta should be a shoe in!!!

The looters should be shot on sight. Survivors should be shot a**in!!!