If it comes from Israel can we see to it that those Demonrats like Omar and Bernie who are totally anti Jewish!! Don't let them have it then!!!

Wait until he wins the Nomination and then Arrest him!!!

First if true FIRE the HHS Official. These idiots will just keep spreading it. They obviously are not treating it seriously. They better watch that California has a Homeless Population with Crap filled streets that could be added to the virus making it worst!!! They are sitting on a powder keg there!!

The Demonrats will try to bring in Hitlary or Michelle Odummy!!!

Sounds likeBernie better win Texas!! I think he will lose the Nomination no matter what. Doesn't matter though. Trump will take these poor Demonrat Criminals!!!

These are the same Sanders trash that shot Steve Scalise. What needs to happen is they bring in a Patty wagon and load them up and take them out into the desert locked and secured, After about 2 weeks in there then check on them. If they died feed them to the Coyotes. If they are still alive tell them the next time they act up your going to throw them off of a cliff!!! Accidently of course!!

The Demonrats would rather fight and make False accusations than get this thing controlled. They also claimed President Trump was Racist when he put Travel Bans in place. Yet the Demonrat especially Pigloser keep attacking the President instead of working together. Crybaby Chuckie is just as bad!!! They are DISGUSTING!!!!

Open Borders in the Socialist schitthole. Maybe when they understand they need some kind of Secure Nation they will learn!!!

That looks like Maxine Watterheads poor attempt to hide her ugly wig made from a roadkilled Possum!!!

ollow the Demonrats advise. Take extra Precautions and Build the wall and Shoot anyone caught trying to sneak in!!!

The Chinese are obviously aware that Cats taste just like Chicken!!! LOL!! JUST JOKING CAT LOVERS!!!

Tell them to get off of your Property. If they won't leave and they are not armed then knock them n their Butt and EVERTIME they try to get back up kick them in the face and privates until they quit moving!!!

Funny how the SUOREME Court has already stated otherwise but not in Court!!!

Sounds like they need research!! Arrest Adam Schiffless, Nancy Peloser, Maxine Watterhead, Jerry Needled*ck, and Crying like a B*tch Chuckie Schumer and inject them. THEN put them on a deserted island and check back on them in 1 year. If still alive call it a success and kill them to make an Anti-Virus!!!