Notice how all of the worst ones are Demonrat Sanctuary Schittholes!!!! Colorado includes with NY City, Kalifornication, and even the State of Washington and Chicago!!!

President Trump has it under control or we could let the Demonrats destroy the country like Odummy and Biden almost did!!!

Disband EVERY Government Contract for 3M!!! Then tell them to get out of this country and go to China! Time to boycott all 3M Products. Automotive will be a big hit on 3M!!!

He had already assigned a rear Admiral when Crying like a B*I*T*C*H Chuckie Demanded it!! Once ag**n the President is handling this China Virus BETTER than any Demonrat could and it will show come November. President Trump will take care of this while the Demonrats try to cheat at another one!!!

I plan on wearing my white Scary Movie mask. I wore it with my wife at the store the other day and ALMOST forgot and wore it into the Bank!!! I should say my wife was going to let me walk in with it on. Randy saw me take it off in the Parking lot and told me it wouldn't matter cause he saw me getting out of my truck wearing it!!!

THIS IS THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE!!! Got that Pigloser and Adam SchittforBrains???

They want to Censor thePresident and his Staff?? HA HA HA!!! Another WAAA WAAA TRUMP loser POS!!!

They are Demonrat controlled LIARS!! Sue the existence out of them Mr.Gutfeld. They only LIE and Twist things to make everything look Anti-American when in reality THEY are the ones who are the Communist POS Anti-Americans!!!

This idiot is undoubtedly a Brain Dead POS!! These people were giving MILLIONS of Odummy's and Bidens 180 BILLION payoff to every Terrorist group across the World!! F U Biden!! You are without a doubt the DUMBEST POS to ever slither!!!

The Lying SOB Piglosi and her lovergirl Sidekick Adam SchittforBrains are a*a*n going to spend BILLIONS to immorally and Illegally try another attempt at Impeachment!! Now when are we able to Impeach these two for their incessant LYING and Corrupt Treasonous acts!!!

Get it from your Chinese Communist leaders!! You have been doing their bidding ever since the WHO were ordered to do so by the Chinese Communists!!!

Maybe New York City can use a Solar Panel for a ventilator!!!

Do they have to be dead?? I Mean if they are just Brain dead like Adam SchittforBrains, Nancy Pigloser, Jerry Needle***k and crying like a B*I*T*C*H Chuckie Schumer they would all Qualify right???

The Demonrats and their Open Borders Policies have destroyed all the rest of their Communist Countries they Brag about!!!

The Demonrats need him so they will have it made!! He won't be able to remember what he ran on so the Demonrat's will just tell him he wanted it and get him to sign anything they push through!!! We could give the country away to Putin and Quid Pro Joe would sign it away!!!